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Anna Parkins

Anna Parkins was born and raised in England (Bedfordshire); has lived in seven different States (Illinois, Massachusetts, Florida, California, Colorado, Texas and Arkansas) and currently resides in the Dallas area. Anna started her practice in December, 2001. She calls herself a "holistic practitioner" - a "hat" which includes Vibrational Healing, Sound Energy, Reiki, Integrative Touch Therapy and Energy Medicine.

In 1982 she graduated from the United Church of Religious Science School of Ministry in Los Angeles and was a minister in Colorado in 1984. More recently, Anna has spoken locally at the Celebration of Life Church of Religious Science, in Irving, Texas.

In May, 2001, Anna became a Certified Practitioner of Sound Energy DynamicsSM having demonstrated mastery over the technique and course material. Anna has been working with the planetary tuning forks since January, 2002. She collaborated with Sally Korman to develop a technique using the planetary frequencies. Anna has facilitated over 500 tunings.

Anna received Reiki I and Reiki II level attunements in July, 2002. In March, 2003, she became certified as a Level III Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master Teacher. Since that time Anna has coordinated Reiki share groups in the Carrollton area and has taught Reiki I and Reiki II classes in Hot Springs, Arkansas and Dallas, Texas.

In January, 2003, Anna was among the seven students who graduated from the Intermediate Energy Medicine Class for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) Specialists taught by Bessie Senette, MLW, CHTP, at The Balanced Being Wellness Center & The Healing School in Lafayette, Louisiana. In 2004, continuing classes included using touch therapy in hospitals where pre and post-operative procedures were discussed, as well as procedures in the operating room. Anna's training falls within the National Institutes of Health (NIH) definition of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM), however, her experience lends itself towards integrative medicine where the client or patient can benefit from mainstream medical therapies and CAM therapies.

Anna has presented material on "Vibration Healing" in Hot Springs; Lafayette; Dallas, San Antonio and McAllen, Texas.

As well as integrative medicine, Anna's continued studies include: spiritual alchemy, sound and music healing, Bach Flower essences, crystal healing, aroma therapy, color therapy and sacred geometry.

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