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About the Healing Modalities

Sound Healing

Being stressed or off-balance could be labeled as being out of tune or out of sorts. Sound healing techniques allow you to experience a deep sense of peacefulness and relaxation. Tuning sessions are designed to bring you back into balance and harmony. You may have a specific healing need or you may just want to take time for a relaxing interlude.

Tuning forks are matched to the frequencies of the major energy centers (chakras) and energy pathways (meridians) of the body. Through simple physics, the tuning forks clear and balance these energy centers and meridians. Each energy center resonates at a particular frequency or tone and sound frequencies can be directed to specific locations. Removing an old blockage at one level will enable a new vibratory pattern to emerge as health, harmony and renewed energy.

Using your voice to make resonant sounds (toning) will also bring harmony to the energy field. During the session, the practitioner may tone or ask you to tone as well.

Music may also be incorporated into your session.

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Vibrational Healing

Since the Universe is diverse in nature, it is our responsibility to maintain a healthy body, an active mind and pursue activities that will benefit humankind and each other. All of nature is oscillating at varying frequencies and that vibration is the essence of all existence. Sound Energy Plus offers a holistic approach - one that is non-invasive, therapeutic - to assist you in reaching your potential. Releasing old vibratory patterns and native impulses will make realizing your potential a real possibility.

Vibrational Healing encompasses sound healing and other modalities including the use of crystals, color, flower remedies and gem essences, etc. Referrals or recommendations may be made which may include alternative or complementary healing tools.

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Integrative Touch Therapy

The integrative touch therapist or energy medicine practitioner addresses the human energy field and subtle energy bodies (aura) of the client and may recognize or detect imbalances or blockages. Various techniques may be used to assist the client in restoring homeostatis. Determining the state of energy grids is part of the process. At any point during the session techniques may be added or removed depending on intuitive promptings.

Sessions may last longer than an hour, and referrals or recommendations may be made. Utmost respect for the individual is essential and confidentiality is assured.

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Crystal Healing

The mineral kingdom provides many types of gemstones and crystals which may be used for healing purposes - to transform, amplify or clear energy. As with other types of healing, intention is key. Whether stones are configured in a particular layout around the body or placed on the body, the various properties of the stones lend themselves to changing the energy field so that balance is restored or maintained. Depending on the needs of the client, a layout of clear quartz crystals or stones relating to the various energy centers (chakras) may be used. For instance, a seven color chakra layout may be used in conjunction with other healing techniques. For alleviating stress and trauma, clear quartz and rose quartz may be called for. The study of this ancient art is fascinating. Should you desire peaceful sleep or need a stone to help with concentration, crystals are able to assist you. If you have headache, amethyst may be the stone for you, however, there may be other combinations that are appropriate. Intuition is your guide.

Crystal wands or pendulums can also be used to remove energy imbalances from the body’s finer energy systems. The color of the stones is also an indicator of relationship to the energy centers (chakras).

Additionally, Anna may use smoky quartz crystals for grounding so that after your healing session you are solidly anchored in the present and do not feel overwhelmed or spacey.

Many clear quartz crystals that Anna uses were dug in the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas. Earth’s gift of crystals and stones is indeed wondrous!

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Sacred Geometry Reiki

Sacred Geometry Reiki, a spiritual development healing system, was channeled by Reiki Master Rebecca Donaldson in 2005. It uses various symbols that can assist in clearing, balancing and repatterning. Visualizing these symbols enhances the healing session. Anna was attuned to Sacred Geometry Reiki in September, 2011. She is available to give Sacred Geometry Reiki attunements.

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Massage can be defined as a systematic and scientific manipulation of the soft tissues of the body for the purpose of obtaining or maintaining health. The practice of massage, dating back thousands of years, was advanced in 1856 when the system developed by Swedish physiologist, Pehr Ling, was introduced to the United States. Massage is now accepted as a beneficial therapy in hospitals, clinics, and spas.

In 2009 Anna graduated from the Sterling Health Center and received her massage therapy license in the State of Texas (Tx. Lic. #MT106937). Appointments are usually one hour. Anna’s light to medium touch will remove tension and stress and have you whisked away to a serene and peaceful state 

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