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Annas Soap Bars

Enjoy the extravagance and elegant luxury of Anna’s Soap! Custom blended for your relaxation and pleasure, this is the first in the line of Anna’s Soap products. This beautifully fragranced soap contains the richness of lavender and clary sage essential oils, a delightful aroma to please your senses! Specially handcrafted in 4 oz. bars for your ease and enjoyment.




Particularly helpful for relieving skin inflamation, skin damage and other skin conditions, this soap will leave your skin soft and supple. The blended aroma is designed to lift your spirit, relieve stress and anxiety or nervous fatigue. 


A wonderful soap to use in the bath, lavender and clary sage will aid in your relaxation. You will feel refreshed and rejuvenated. As an every-day soap, feel the softness of your skin and use on a regular basis. 


Anna Soap Sage


Ingredients: Saponified shea butter, palm oil, coconut oil, and olive oil, lye (sodium hydroxide) and lavender and clary sage essential oils, distilled water. 


Please note that this soap is not for use by women who are pregnant


For further details, contact Anna at 972-977-7012 or by E-Mail

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