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April 2013

Dear Friend,

"There is no more important topic than the relationship of mankind and nature." I am starting off April's Antics with a quote from prolific writer, Jeff Cox (more later). And since April includes Earth Day (April 22nd) and Arbor Day (April 26th), we have lots of references to Planet Earth. No excuses to get more "work" on the calendar as I finally got my tax information to my great accountant. Pendulum dowsing and mandalas are back! The eye pillows have been added to my website thanks to my new computer wizard, Stephen Blais. Lauree will find that I have initiated more tweaks when she gets back to being a web goddess. In fact, if you look at my Facebook page you will find photos from a day at the Dallas Arboretum (April Blooms ends April 7th) and also a wonderful ceremony at the Mound during Spring Equinox. Yes, Flower Mound has an actual mound. Also in March, I took a clinical aromatherapy class with Michelle Bardwell at Flower Road and this has sparked a renewed interest in essential oils. If you have an interest in essential oils (and you are a health practitioner), you will acquire excellent materials and knowledge from Michelle. And if you want to buy the best essential oils or blends!

April heralds new beginnings, new energies and with the astrological sign of the Ram, we can expect some strong energy to move us forward. Who has Spring fever? In the words of William Shakespeare "April hath put a spirit of youth in everything." Expect great things!

With love,



Our Sacred Earth!

A wonderful day on the mound, followed by a stop at Half Price Books in Lewisville (just happened to be on the way) stimulated my brain cells to inquire about indian mounds. So I "found" a book by James A. Swan called Sacred Places – How the living Earth Seeks Our Friendship (1990). That's where I found the above quote, which continues: "Our western culture took God out of nature and put (God) in the sky, leaving nature open for pillaging and despoiling. We have built a world upon that. The task now is to put God back into nature. Finding sacred places is a way … If nature is sacred, then our own human nature – reflective of the grand nature – is sacred. Armed with the view that our own nature is an emanation of the godhead, we can finally and truly coordinate our activities with nature's and heal the earth." The referenced book was published in 1990. You can see where I am headed, right? "As a result of our modern mindset, according to our legal system in the United States today, white, black, and yellow people do not have any sacred places except houses of religious worship. Native Americans can have sacred places, but they only exist legally when one or both of the following conditions can be shows to exist: (1) they contain artifacts 100 years old or older; and/or (2) they can be shown to be necessary for the ongoing practice of a traditional religion as sites for ceremonies and rituals which have been conducted there for many generations." I do not know how up-to-date this information is, but we all know the Native Americans have been robbed of their heritage. And coming full circle as we wake up, more and more see the destruction that has happened/is happening, recognize the sacredness of Earth, and some protest.

It does not take much for me to get on my soapbox. Just today a book by Diane Stein caught my eye, (one of 29 posted on her website) called "Pendulums and the Light" (2004). I opened the book randomly, and have to share a paragraph. "Some Native American teaching requires the examination of every action, before it is committed, to determine its consequences to the next seven generations. This is the place to start. This understanding of what you do, and that what you do extends far into the future for yourself and others, is vital if the Earth is to survive. Considering the consequences is not only important for the larger actions but for every action, no matter how small. Women need to learn that what they do can change the world. Men need to be aware that what they do has changed and is changing the world, and not always in positive ways. Everyone needs to be aware of the consequences of their every act, and of how each act affects them, affects all they love, affects the generations to come, and affects the planet." Controversial for some, I am sure; but thought provoking. (Eventually the book gets around to pendulums, but I concur there is so much to do before even picking up a pendulum!)

So, back to the beginning, Jeff Cox, not sure if the Jeff Cox who has written many books, his website popped up with a threat, so I am not providing that info.

This past week a question addressed by Tom T. Moore in his weekly newsletter concerned a potential landfill near Perth, Australia. Gaia, Soul of the Earth, responded "Still much needs to be done to recycle as is being accomplished in other cities of the world. All citizens should be recycling, and if their city does not, they should demand that their city leaders implement this service and encourage all the citizens in the city to participate. There will be ways in the near future to identify those who do not and there will be fines for not observing the rules." Bravo! I'm all for recycling!! Serious recyclers even recycle the toilet paper insert!!! And I am saying the benevolent prayer (BP) Tom included, "I ask any and all beings to assist in implementing recycling operations in all cities and towns of the world, and to encourage all the people in those towns and cities to recycle, thank you!"

Need help going green? Join for fighting global warming, promoting clean energy, fair trade and helping families green their lifestyles.

Thumbs Up!

Thumbs up to Midas in Carrollton for offering great service and online coupons. Truckee had some work recently and they threw in an oil change. Hey, I am counting dollars these days!

New Kid on the Block!

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf comes to D/FW with locations in Frisco and Addison (between Sweet Tomatoes and In/Out Burger place, off the Tollway north of Beltline). Actually, the Addison location has been here since last July, but I just checked it out and was pleasantly surprised, catering to the young crowd, only one seat available, nice atmosphere. Celebrating 50 years, and originating in Los Angeles (Brentwood), online store has everything. I bet there will be another one in Dallas soon! A gift card would be ideal for anyone!


Last month I was able to see the French-Canadian film Starbuck and write a report in French (need those extra points!!). If you see this movie listed, do go see it. A laugh-out-loud comedy, with English sub-titles. For free documentaries online, visit True Activist or switch to their media page, a little alternative. Hats off to Ron Finley in South Los Angeles for his gardening revolution (Thanks TED) and for founding which installs gardens in homes throughout South Central Los Angeles free of charge, bringing healthy fruits and vegetables to families in need. Invite me to your dig-in! (No reason that Dallas should not be added to their dig-in map!)

April Calendar

I invite you to join me Sunday, April 14th. I'm planning a Coloring Mandalas Day at my place. Your mandalas will be displayed at the nursing home in May when I will share some mandala activities. Of course, I will drag out all the mandala books. It's a come-as-you-go afternoon. Just let me know if interested.

To see what holistic fair I will be working or details on Reiki events, you can check out my website calendar. Additionally I will be talking to a group about pendulum dowsing. Of course, I recommend/have coupons for the Fairs.

Even though Earth Day is officially April 22nd, here in Dallas we will celebrate it the whole weekend (April 20-21) in Fair Park. Now I have to decide whether to spend time there or at the Wellness Expo.

You can buy tickets for the Scarborough Renaissance Festival happening weekends and Memorial Day Monday April 6th – May 27th. Started in 1981, the festival portrays the year 1533 during the reign of England's King Henry VIII. Don't forget to wear headgear, just saying. Or dress appropriate and you will fit right in!

Or maybe the Texas bluebonnets are calling you? For example, check out Ennis s or Burnet, or Chappell Hill near Brenham. More info on April festivals available here.


New Services!

You can buy the new eye pillows from me directly or at the April fairs and also at Sync Yoga and Wellbeing in North Oak Cliff. Eye pillows are Reiki-infused and contain pockets for crystals (included). Besides using Reiki, tuning forks, massage, aromatherapy, crystals, your energy balancing sessions can include the new eye pillow. I am also offering ear candling and ion cleanse foot baths. Don't just give your space a Spring clean, book your appointment now for a custom stress-relieving treatment. Come get your tune-up now!

With love and hugs,


Healer, Teacher and Lightworker

P.O. Box 29013, Dallas, TX 75229


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