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  • Top Ten Reiki Books
    There are many reasons that I have collected books about Reiki (besides a past life as a librarian). Some books I read cover to cover and some I just pick segments. As my current library reaches over 90 on this subject, I am debating the leap to Kindle and more use of the internet. Still, I do like to hold the pages of a book!
  • What Is A Lightworker
    Lightworkers by definition are people working with the higher vibrations of light and love, dedicated to uplifting humanity, often very sensitive and empathic to the needs of those around them. Lightworkers align with their life purpose of bringing light energies to Planet Earth and operate as healers, teachers, wayshowers.
  • Worrying to Worry-Free
    In the old days (before hair coloring) worrying brought grey hairs, furrowed brows, worry lines; and in the 1930’s the word “worrywart” entered our vocabulary. Worry, stress and tension also bring digestive disorders, hair loss, lowered work production, and the list goes on. In 2013, we have more to worry about: pollution, radiation, GMO foods, financial loss, job insecurity, etc.
  • The Art of Healing
    Certain buzzwords circulate around the holistic community that surface periodically when healers are asked to define their techniques or prove their abilities or market their services. This is the quandary the psychic and intuitive healer faces when they first hang out their shingle. How do you advertise the art of healing?
  • Reiki and Chakras
    The Human Energy Field (HEF) or subtle energy field is comprised of the aura, chakras and meridians. These terms are now becoming more mainstream as the general public becomes aware of the value of acupuncture, massage, and, of course, Reiki.
  • The Healer's Ethics
    A professional code of ethics may not be very different from one’s personal code of ethics, and includes qualities such as honesty, integrity, sincerity and respect. Any professional may have standard principles or guidelines propounded by their respective associations or affiliated governing bodies. But what if you have just received your first Reiki certificate, what is your ethical responsibility to others?
  • The Reiki Journal
    There have been magazines and books on personal journaling, all providing ideas and tools and the how, what and when aspects. When I ask my students to write a Reiki Journal, it is not with the intent of creating a transformative tool, but as a record of their Reiki experiences. One of the reasons I feel strongly about this is because it was something I did not do when I took my first Reiki class.
  • Reiki and Massage
    Having experienced massages by Reiki practitioners and non-practitioners, I know it is my preference to have someone who is familiar with energy work giving the massage. Being sensitive to the subtle flow of energies can be a gift or it can be something that comes with practice.
  • Tripping in Sedona
    Sedona is a magical and mystical place, located in the desert of Northern Arizona, two days drive from my home in Dallas. Sedona tugged at my heart strings, it had been 10 years since my last visit.
  • Light Working in the Corporate World
    Working in the corporate world after a four-year detour has been a different experience for me. After eight months of long hours, stress, a rigorous schedule and challenging days, I can report that the mission, for it has been a mission, has been a success.



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