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Dear Friend,

It’s official! I am Self-employed. That’s what I told the police officer who gave me a (wrongful turn) ticket recently. If I had been more awake, it wouldn’t have happened. I am thinking lately that these “bumps in the road” happen so we can release old negative patterns. So this month’s theme is about letting go of the old and welcoming the new (again!). And while the new may look like chaotic energy, lots of changes or transitions, we have all the tools to thrive in this environment. Sometimes it takes doing some new things to stir up the creative juices. Doing something new can be exciting and invigorating. What are your plans for August? Make this an august aka awesome month!

With love,



Ta Daaaaaa!

With Mercury still retrograde, it’s the perfect time to let go of the old stuff (MR ends August 8th). An analogy might be the re-paving of the parking lot that’s happening by my apartment as I write this. First the trucks show up and cordon off the area (good job I moved my truck!), then they go over the cracks with tar, then they drive the truck slowly as a guy at the back hand sprays the parking lot, doing a slow methodical sweep over every inch. After the tar dries, next day the striping is done. And now we have a new-looking parking lot.

Being in huge transition mode myself, the biggest boulder in the road was recognizing the anger I had surrounding my last four-year stint in the corporate world. This sealing of the lips (not speaking) was the biggest, but now I have no one else but myself to love, honor and respect. There were some other angers, but who wants to know; needless to say the one mentioned was the tip of the iceberg. Two psychic readers suggested that I write out some of this, express myself, and then it was suggested that I use the burning bowl ceremony. That meant shopping for the perfect bowl – of course I had to go shopping. And I found a copper urn-type cauldron/planter thing that is 12” in diameter, plenty big enough for all my anger, I thought. I could have used a metal bucket I had, but with all this newness flooding me, I had to buy a suitable container. (It can be used as a planter later!) The first day I wrote out pages, I wrote to my parents too, and quite a bit of smoke was wafting away from my balcony. The next day, different angers, and it took a few matches to light a flame. Interesting. Of course, I researched burning bowl ceremonies. I had participated in a couple of groups that did this at New Years when intentions for the next year were included. I am sure some wise words were uttered, but have forgotten what they were. In the Reiki magazine Colleen Benelli had written some material ProductPage.cfm?ProductID=377&CategoryID=16 but I decided to come up with my own ritual. This took a few days as a format simmered in my brain. You might see this in a future article on my website . Burning bowls rituals can also be used to help attract or manifest. You can do this at any time, even the New Moon or Full Moon can be beneficial.

Speaking of my website, Sound Energy Plus has a new format, new photos, new look, everything, thanks to the hard work of my new web goddess, Lauree Wilkerson, . I cannot be more pleased with the re-vamping, re-organizing; I will be adding more articles and creating workshops, but the re-model is like a breath of fresh air. Let me know what you think.

Last month I did experience the “skinny” body wrap and, yes, I did lose inches thanks to Judith Rosen from It Works . Now if you notice anything different about me over the next few weeks, it just might be due to their products.

The focus for me in July and August, especially with Mercury retrograde, has been to get my business organized. This meant working with a coach (just needed to get focused) and working with an organizer (I just needed a jumpstart!) to get my clutter cleared. Not exactly clutter, but, you know, the boxes of paper that never got emptied. Now I can see the light at the end of the long tunnel!

I also got re-qcquainted with an acupuncturist, Nancy Corsaro at East-West Acupuncture located at Keller Springs/Marsh in Carrollton. Nancy is versed in acupuncture and Chinese herbology, she’s a Leo who can tell it like it is. I have been a fan of acupuncture for a long time. If you want results, go see Nancy.

All Eyes On London

For me the Olympic Games is an awesome event. Thank goodness for YouTube 8c19842a-1d92-4890-a667-1c7c08ce1157 so I can watch specific videos, including the opening ceremony. Apart from the Queen looking bored, I have been impressed and thrilled. Athletes from over 200 countries all deserve accolades for the hours they have practiced their sport, and in the end it often comes down to a seconds or a point. And did you see the UFO at the opening ceremony? When you start searching the net, there is also sinister information out there talking about disruption at the Games. As lightworkers, we can send light and thoughts of peace to the stadium, game sites and surrounds. I was advised about using the flower of life symbol Vortex Energy part 29 - 2012 Olympics, Crop Circles, The Olympians and the Consciousness of Humanity (a 38 minute video, which I found interesting, material on crop circles, leylines, etc. – may be too heavy for some folks as this references sinister agendas) as well as using an invocation from Patricia Cota-Robles 2012/07/patricia-diane-cota-robles-a-powerful-opportunity-the-olympic-games/ . Here is a 3-minute video using the flower of life . This last site has a long list of interesting videos.

I was very excited to see Dana Vollmer win gold in swimming athletes/athlete=dana-vollmer/index.html .Dana is from Granbury (just outside Dallas) and lives glutenfree. (Just a side note, there is a Gluten and Allergen Free Expo September 8-9 at The Westin Park Central in Dallas (by 635 and 75), might just go for the samples, well I might attend the classes too.)

Thank goodness for the internet. NBC has the monopoly on the Olympic broadcasting, and not having cable, channel 5 is not one of my channels I can pick up. (Yes, selective television is back on my activity list.) But with YouTube, I can watch Olympicc highlights easily. Hope you are tuning in to the global event of the Summer!

Welcome The Muse

So my astrologer friend, Claire, reviewed my astrology chart in July. What is a Pisces like me with so many water signs doing throwing in the corporate towel? She was curious, I was curious. This updated chart sparked a deeper interest in astrology. I was familiar with my rising/ascending/moon signs, but now I can brag that my Mercury is in Pisces and my Jupiter is in Scorpio. Before, this didn’t mean anything. Of course, I had to add to my astrology library and “Creative Stars” by Trish MacGregor provides some fascinating clues. How to avoid creative burnout, how to summon the muse, was just what I needed, especially when I can get so sidetracked. It takes a certain discipline to create your own business which I am discovering daily. If you are curious about astrology or tarot, stop by and visit Claire at the Dallas Psychic Fair. As for my creative flair, stay tuned. After this current clearing binge, I will be ready to let the creative juices flow.

August Calendar

See me at the Dallas Psychic Fair www.dallaspsychicfair.comdoing mini-energy balancing sessions on Sunday, August 5th. Located at the Doubletree Hotel at LBJ/Midway now. I look forward to seeing you!

The North Dallas Reiki share group meets August 8th (second Wednesday of the month) at Ezy’s home (Tollway/Keller Springs). Open to all Reiki practitioners, 7-9 pm, call or email for directions please. As usual we will honor distance requests.

Pendulums will be swinging on August 12th at the Pendulum Dowsing workshop 2-4 pm. Just curious, beginning or advanced practitioners welcome. As usual the resource material is extensive. Only $35.00. BUT if you have participated in one of my previous pendulum dowsing workshops, this one is FREE. Located in North Dallas. Call to reserve your spot!

Getting to the Finish Line

Last month I recommended “Advanced Chakra Healing: The Four Pathways – Cancer” about/Advanced_Chakra_Healing_Cancer.html?id=VbL1fx9rJB8C by Cyndi Dale This book is not just for cancer patients or caregivers, but is of interest to healers. Cyndi also has a similar book for the heart. Mix healing with quantum theory and you have new ways of energy shifting. Written in 2005, this book is for current times. I’m not quite at the finish, but making good strides.

Somewhere in this newsletter, I love to share new and useful information. Here is a 10-minute demonstration on self-massage aka Self Abhjyanga It was filmed in Costa Rica. Nice to daydream that I am there too!

August is the month of special offerings. Snap these up as specials don’t last forever. For instance, the Special Value Package includes three Reiki sessions (value $180) for only $150.00. You choose the dates! Consider coming by for a massage. One way to release that stress! Have you ever experienced a tuning fork session? Book an appointment for any of my services and I will give you a demonstration. Also let’s negotiate rates too, I am always looking for testimonials.

Whilst it’s cool indoors, it can be refreshing to be in the swimming pool, so take a screen-break and get outside to have a change of scenery. It’s too hot to think about an open house, but do call on me and check out the dedicated healing space and my clutter-free living area. And I might show off all the aloes that are flourishing and the sweet basil by the front door. As for the rest of the plants, they are struggling in the heat. Remember to say Most Benevolent Outcomes for the world drought situation, go to www.thegentlewaybook.comif you want more information, or come by and borrow my book. This is a time to share brotherly and sisterly love. All those old hurts need to be forgiven. It is time to express kindness, to be generous and to chill out. Don’t be hot-tempered, be the cool one. Listen to your heart. Enjoy Olympic moments. It’s a great time to be alive! Have a wonderful month!

With love,


Healer, Teacher and Lightworker

P.O. Box 29013, Dallas, TX 75229


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