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Dear Friends,

Back-to-school supplies, Texas politics, spiritual healing, the dog days of Summer…. What is on your mind these days? From politics to people, there is a little bit of everything in this newsletter. Last month was Reiki month, with two fabulous workshops. As you know my Reiki library keeps expanding (writers keep writing!!) so the bibliographies took quite a few pages! The Reiki I material is now over 100 pages and the Reiki II material is over 200 pages. Don’t ask about Reiki III! Besides, it’s not the reading, but the practice you embrace. Still I enjoy researching and reading. I have to acknowledge all the practitioners who attended, fabulous energy workers, all of them!

For your relaxation and to accompany your reading, enjoy Way to Heaven – Reiki Music - v=fFdoIxmIUAw.Have a fabulous month ahead!

With love,



Extra! Extra!

If you have any extra bath and beauty items, birthday/sympathy cards with envelopes, or gently used ladies and men’s magazines, then I have a place for you! And I will come pick them up. The Flower Mound nursing home where I facilitate weekly Reiki sessions is in need of these items. I keep scouring Half Price for men’s magazines, though the type they want is the sports, outdoor living type. So check your bathroom closets and see if there is any soap or shampoo just sitting there and let me know when to come by. (I will never tell Aunt Martha that you gave away the fragranced soap she gave you six years ago!!)


Now we know why the U.S. Postal Service is in debt! The mail cover aka The Mail Isolation Control and Tracking program records everyone’s mail! (New to me!!) I don’t know which statement is more infuriating. Whether law abiding citizens or criminals, our envelopes are routinely copied. Every piece of mail!!! So what does Big Brother not know about us! Enough is enough. (I wonder if they understand the jokes my brother-in-law writes on envelopes, will have to ask him to cease that practice!) Just for the record – (if we can believe the media)-The U.S. Postal Service lost $1.3 billion in its first quarter 2013, its debt could reach $45 billion by around 2017 if Congress doesn’t pass legislation allowing it to change its business model. Whatever the amount, it’s billions! I am waiting for the price of stamps to go up again! (And what business model would they use??)

Where Do We Begin?

I just had to post the Message from Matthew about the Zimmerman trial and the Snowden situation on Facebook, so please read if you have not already done so. The truth will out!

Remember too that the NSA has direct access to Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Skype, Youtube, Microsoft, Apple, and other servers. They use this access to get data directly. The NSA is also spying on the undersea cables too. What don’t they know about me?????

And what do you think of police scanners keeping track of your vehicle in their files? 62e79b6f-8572-4a14-899b-1287680c5972. Captured images are kept for weeks, years or indefinitely. So when you see a scanner, say cheese please!

What Are You Complaining About?

Well, maybe it’s not you, but your neighbor, right? Everyone complains about 635 construction and the heat this Summer? Wrong. If you take your spiritual path seriously, then you and I are working on making our thoughts and actions positive, constructive, affirmative, etc. However, if we have a habit of whining over wine, drooling over drugs or find that we only get someone’s attention when we complain, then we are barking up the wrong tree! Let me suggest a game. When you find yourself talking about the ecological downturn or the political mess or the lime green wallpaper in the bedroom, come up with your game plan. How can you collaborate with someone else, what little difference can you make?

Are we really a society of complainers? You know the saying, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. As babies we scream our complaints, as adults we scream our complaints. Now it’s time to stop. Complainers of the world, your time is up. We are reading “Stop Complainers and Energy Drainers” and you may be receiving a Complain-A-Gram or two pdf

.Actually, this book contains a zillion ideas and suggestions, just check out for yourself! And while I may complain once in a while, it’s usually just talking to myself, so eventually I do change topics and mumble on! (If you see me doing this, please ignore.)

Are we there yet?

In 1980 I had the honor of listening to Ram Dass. Not only was I in the audience, but before the presentation, he wandered throughout the audience – our eyes met, he checked me out, I checked him out, so to speak. Being timid, I went one way and he mirrored my action – and that was my experience with Ram Dass. Such a joy! If you have never encountered the magic of Ram Dass, here is an audio, about two hours, but worth it. Now, years later, and I wonder whether I have learned anything in the years since 1980. v=JMUUBepzHH0&feature=endscreen&NR=1

Reiki Happenings!

I was super excited about the new Reiki I and II practitioners who took workshops with me in July. Their enthusiasm was infectious. I felt renewed by the sharing and look forward to more workshops in the future. Please let me know if interested.

The Reiki I and Reiki II materials have been revamped, revised, tweaked and have page numbers! (Yeah!) Most pages have numbers, well, 99.9%. With mercury retrograde recently, there were a few additions after the originals went to print, plus two pages numbered the same. Oh well! I feel really good about the changes.

August 15th marks the 147th anniversary of the birth of Mikao Usui, founder of the Reiki practice lineage. In New York, Pamela Miles (practicing Reiki since 1986) and friends will celebrate with a special guest blog by UK Reiki master and Reiki history buff Colin Powell. You don’t have to wait till next week to enjoy Colin’s previous posts Reiki Writing and What Does the Reiki Kanji Mean? - See more at: dpuf.

Before you join the International Association of Reiki Professionals (, mention my name to receive 10% discount. Check out their website first for their benefits. This is one organization where you can obtain liability insurance.

My group Reiki share will be on hiatus after August. Time to reconsider the way shares are formatted. There are many share groups in the Metroplex, as well as meetup groups that include Reiki. Let me know your thoughts.

If you have not checked out Reiki Fellowship Dallas recently, look at their website If you are a Reiki practitioner (of any lineage) this is one way to serve in the community.

Location, Location, Location!

So I checked out the new (moved from Richardson) Whole Foods at Beltline and the Tollway http://www.wholefoodsmarket. com/stores/addison and ignoring the construction parking, it’s a wannabe store like the original in Austin. You can sip at the bar, people-watch outside, and browse the rows of goods as usual. But really the best thing about it is the location! You can also browse and print storewide coupons at http://www.wholefoodsmarket. com/sites/default/files/media/Global/PDFs/Whole_Deal_July_Aug_2013-update.pdf. I am sure it pleases the local foxes in their boxes, but I think I will still be shopping at Sprouts. Come to think of it, you can also look at their specials online at Shop/WeeklyAd.aspx. Of course, you can also check out Trader Joe’s stores/. The one on Lower Greenville opens August 9th and there is another one coming to Walnut Hill near I-75. Central Market Home?store=dallas_preston and Market Street http://www.marketstreetunited. com/rs/coupons are not really on my beaten path, but at least you can check out their specials online. Well, I am off to do some krogering http://krogersouthwest. now that I have been looking at all those food ads!!

Upcoming Calendar!

Next Sales Tax Holiday in Texas is August 9-11th where you can buy some clothing items, parenting&tm=51&f=00&tt=13&bt=1&bts=20&zu=http%3A//www. shoes, school supplies, etc. Check the fine print! (That’s why I include links! Or just search for yourself.)

The Dallas Psychic Fair is held the first Sunday of the month (August 4th, September 1st). Plan to see me there for energy balancing sessions. Yahoo!

August Reiki Share will be at my home in North Dallas on Wednesday, August 14th, starting 7:00 pm. All Reiki practitioners welcome, just let me know you are coming please.

The week of August 10-15, 2013, Lightworkers from around the World will gather in Tucson for the 27th Annual World Congress on Illumination. If not there in person, you can tune in. More info at . Patricia Cota-Robles invites you . “Musical Rapture” (you can download for free) continues to pull my heartstrings.

Hope you enjoyed “Anna’s Antics” this time. Stay cool, skip the complaining, do something new and positive, make new friends, be generous and kind. It’s a great time to be alive!

With love and hugs,


Healer, Teacher, Lightworker

P.O. Box 29013, Dallas, TX 75229


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