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Dear Friends,

Happy Joyous December! Celebrate the season with an open heart and giving spirit! As we remember our families, our religion, our cultural heritage, I challenge you to expand your sphere of influence – little courtesies to strangers, donations to charity, eat in different restaurants, spread the love. December is also the month for releasing all the old stuff that does not benefit us, to get ready for the new year. Plus navigate through the astrological jungle that will greet us between Christmas and New Years (and you thought it was a jungle now?) While this is usually a time for getting out there and partying, you might want to hunker down and enjoy home turf, then go to the book sales in January (smile). Also consider the Dallas Psychic Fair on January 5th (more smiles) to get a reading or two (and stop by my table for some fabulous energy balancing!)

It would not be the holiday season without playing Handel’s Messiah a few (or many) times. Here is a rendition with The Choir of King’s College, Cambridge. Of course, I am singing along with the Hallelujas and the other refrains. And look at the Gothic architecture,_Cambridge . If you visited Cambridge on December 18th , you could appreciate this in person. Who knows, you might see the Duke and Duchess! (Wouldn’t you know it, they are both on facebook!) Or if you travel to Australia next Summer, you could also see the choir perform!

If you like the Messiah with an introduction and a little more robustness, try this version with Sir Colin Davis with whom I have always had a soft spot, he passed on last April. Still we have Dutch conductor, Jaap Van Zweden, in Dallas so we can’t complain.

Last Antics, I mentioned a concept from David K. Miller’s book “Arcturians: How to Heal, Ascend, and Help Planet Earth” published by Light Technology Publishing . I purchased my copy from Lightworkers Sactuary in The Colony. (Great place to browse books and crystals and stuff, plus they have a table at the Dallas Psychic Fair.) Anyway the concept is mentioned more than once, about acceptance and expansion, really pertinent in relation to the trauma we see on Planet Earth. Here is the quote:

Juliano asked me to talk to you about our reaction to crisis and trauma. We, as animals and as human beings, have an instinctive response to any kind of a crisis or trauma that we experience. It is a survival technique. This is how we as animals survive. It has to do with our adrenaline system: It is the fight or flight instinct. If you think about the history of humanity, when faced with crisis, this is what we have done. And we survived. But this time calls for more than survival.

We as starseeds, need to develop a way of reacting or responding to the trauma we see on this planet in a different way. This has to do with connecting with our higher selves. It also includes our adrenaline system. When the adrenaline system and the love that we can generate within our hearts combine, they apparently unlock some latent genetic ability in our DNA that allows us to open to ascension. That is a higher spiritual understanding of how we ascend.” Interesting stuff, right? I am happy to ponder all these ideas, not just go along with someone’s views.

If you go to David’s website, you will see Earth’s tree of life and planetary cities of light . Some great videos, lots to explore. If you resonate with the Arcturians (and I do) this is a site to check out. If you are interested in your city being a city of light, this is a site to check out.

Last week at the ISEE meeting I heard Suzan Jonz-Perez present her story of generational healing, how families operate like gears in a clock, one shift and the whole picture changes. Suzan discussed her role in helping others and that we can effect past, present and future experiences in our own and our family’s lives. It made sense! Look at family traits, similarities, etc. I would like to share Suzan’s Simple Tools to Support DNA Healing:

         Breathe – ‘deep, soft belly’ breathing for about 90 seconds resets the vagus nerve, restoring the parasympathetic response.

         Look Left & Right, Horizontally – forces the two hemispheres of the brain to work together, balances overly emotional or overly analytical responses

         Work Your Program – find a healing program and work it to its fullest. Repeat as desired.

There was a lot more information in Suzan’s sharing. Anyone who can break down quantum healing and holographic design into language I can comprehend earns high marks in my book. If you are looking for a fun speaker or facilitator on the cutting edge of transforming lives, give Suzan a call.

Hop On A Bus!

Have you tried the new free D-link (Route 722) bus? See downtown from a different perspective! Every 15 minutes Monday through Saturday, the bright yellow and pink buses the 18 mile loop between downtown and the Bishop Arts District. I have yet to go inside Old Red? (Can you believe that? 20 plus years in Dallas too! Time I got out!) Anyway, the day after Thanksgiving was the perfect day to check this out. Just see the photos I posted on Facebook with friends Rudy and Chaz. We played (beginner) chess at Klyde Warren Park, enjoyed the sunshine and people watching! Now we are wiser, and next time will not do the whole route! And did you see the Segway guided tour group? You would have to give me a lot of instruction beforehand to do it, plus $83.36 for the downtown package. Still for your tourist friends, check out the other deals, and pick a sunny day! Great idea for corporate planners as they will bring all the gear to your event.

Open House – December 15th

Still planning on an Open House for Sunday, December 15th, 1-4 pm. Time to pick up gift certificates, see my new brochures, or purchase the new (heavenly) soap, plus a few giveaways like add your own choice of essential oils to create bath salts to take home. There will be some other giveaways, but I do not want to give it all away now. I would appre- ciate you letting me know if you are coming. Of course, munchies and drinks will be available. That’s what I mean by planning! (If you are reading this, you are invited!!)

December Calendar!

Saturday, December 21st (Winter Solstice) I will be at Reiki Fellowship in North Oak Cliff. If you go to the website, you can see an explanation of Reiki and what to expect, plus exact location/times, etc. For Reiki practitioners, this is a great place to practice the art of Reiki.

Reiki Workshops in January!

Register now for Reiki I (January 12th) and/or Reiki II (January 19th) workshops. Here is a link to information as posted on Moonlady . For more information, please contact me.

Wrapping Up!

So, are you ready for the holidays? Have you met your 2013 goals? Ready to start the New Year with fresh ideas. From Louise Hay affirm, “I let go of the old and welcome the new!” This is one of my favorite affirmations. So whilst December promises to have its tasks, turmoil and triumphs, please stay safe and warm, please enjoy the celebrations. May we remember Christ’s message of love and peace, may we expand our light to everyone!

With richest blessings and love,



Healer, Teacher, Lightworker

P.O. Box 29013, Dallas, TX 75229


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