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Dear Friend, 

Happy Holidays! Happy Holidays! Tis the season for holiday festivities. Time to put away the bathroom scales, time to decorate, and time to socialize with family and friends as we welcome the new energy. It has been twelve months (or longer!!) filled with anticipation regarding this month, December 2012, when one age ends and another begins.  Everyone is in on the act, from movies and books, to lectures and webinars. We now embrace this time of ascension. I think all of us are feeling the intensity building and wondering what will occur. I will address this in this newsletter. Plus with so many events happening in December, I will put the calendar on the first page. Do stop by and see me at the Psychic Fair on December 2nd too.   

With love, 



Getting in the Spirit! 

What does it take to get in the “right” mood for the holidays? I know merchants are flaunting their wares way before Christmas, but do not let the commercial spirit dampen your heart’s joyfulness. For me, mailing THE package across the seas to my family is really the beginning of the festive spirit. Listening to holiday instrumentals gets me started. There are other ways to give at this time of year, besides the monetary kind. For instance, you can donate blood at any time of year at Carter Bloodcare www. (more in next newsletter) or you can support your favorite charity. With open hearts we can freely give and receive! 

December Calendar  

Dallas Psychic Fair will be held the first Sunday of the month (December 2nd) 


.  Great readers and great vendors. You can do your holiday shopping at one stop! I have holiday gift certificates and coupons. Please sign up at my table for mini-energy balancing sessions including tuning forks. I have $2.00 discount cards or you can go to their website. I look forward to seeing you! 

On December 4th, Karla Bass will be discussing the Tesla Light therapy and other energetic tools to help us through these times. Contact Beverly Biehl for more information. Wish I could attend this one, but I will be parlaying le fran├žais! 

On December 8th, the DFW IONS group 

is presenting Dr. Sam Osmanagic in the Sanctuary of The Center for Spiritual Living 


. The topic will be the Bosnian Pyramids 

and all I can say is that this talk is worth hearing. $20 per person or $30 for 2.  I am ready to volunteer! What a phenom! The story is amazing!  


Wednesday, December 12th, 7-9 pm, the Reiki share group will be at my home in North Dallas. As usual we will honor distance requests. Because this is a special date, we will include a prayer from Archangel Gabriel ( 


). Open to all Reiki practitioners, so call or email for directions. 

December 8th and 15th are the dates for Reiki Fellowships in Dallas. For information, go to 


. Donations are accepted. I expect to be joining the Reiki practitioners at the Oak Cliff location on December 15th.  

If you are looking for places to go for global gatherings in December, check out Panache 

Desai in Orlando December 7-10th. 

John thousands at the event at Chitzen Itza 


.  Keynote speakers include Dr. G. Patrick Flanagan (the reincarnation of Nikola Tesla) 

as well as Mayna elders . This event plans to be broadcast so you may want to bookmark this site (haha pun intended).  

Also on 12-12-12, there will be a special program titled “Unity Meditation, Activations and Celebration - The Dawn of a New Age” 7-9:30 pm at the Interfaith Peace Chapel. For information and to register, go to 


. Cost is $40.00. Many great presenters! Email Marie at Marie Georgopulos <> 

 for more information.  

The fabulous Chihuly display at the Dallas Arboretum continues through December 31st.  Have not made it there yet, but friends tell me it is not to be missed. Also look for discounts for admission and parking at the website 

Put A Smile On Your Face 

Thanks to Matt K. I caught this link on Facebook and it did put a smile on my face, pulled my heartstrings too. The Century Club recognizes Dressage riders and horses whose combined age totals 100 years or more. Horse and rider perform a Dressage test of any level, at a Dressage show or event, and are scored by a Dressage judge or professional. 

Individual riders and their stories are listed too, I just had to check out Texas! 

Support Local Businesses (Besides Mine!!) 

This may not be the best time of year for getting healthy (think sugar cookies!) but that is what I am thinking right now. Recently I have experienced the oxygen sauna and ion foot baths at The Oxygen Spa Wellness Center (near 635 and Preston Road). I have nothing but good things to say about the benefits. Schedule your appointment by calling 214-837-1800. 

Along the same lines, you may want to contact Nancy Corsaro at East-West Acupuncture 


. Nancy will be offering NAET treatments, some information at 

.  For allergy sensitive folks (and who isn’t?) this is a wonderfully easy method to eliminate toxins of all kinds including heavy metals. I can’t say enough about what is cleared and eliminated. Think I am onto something here! 

More About 2012 

From the Unlimited Thought Life Enrichment Center 

in San Antonio, I read “December 21, 2012 is not a date when everything changes overnight. Think of it as the peak of a bell curve. The curve started about 100 years before 2012; the steepest part began 25 years ago at the Harmonic Convergence in 1987. Everything on the bell curve before December 21, 2012 goes uphill. Everything after 2012 goes downhill, with the steepest part during the first 25 years. Hang on tight, it's going to be a very interesting ride.” Do you still wonder, what is going on? 

From this website 


(Jill Renee Feeler) I include a quote, but you might find the link interesting. “On Dec. 21 2012 there will be a pinnacle of frequencies that will be flowing through those that have agreed to be energetic gateways.  You will feel this very strongly and very beautifully.  The portals within will be flooded with Light and we ask you to enjoy this experience; feeling and appreciating the amazing, unprecedented levels of beauty you will easily see reflected back to you, in everything you experience.  No need to fuss and plan which may actually detract from the experience.  Be, Be Your Light, for your love of Gaia, your love of humanity, your love of your Cosmic family, your mission, your Self and everything.”   

Oh, and have I mentioned all the books I have on 2012. Lots of resources! I gave up trying to understand the Mayan calendar, but a glimpse at the symbology is helping me understand the connection. I am listing a few websites, just in case you want to check this out further: 








. (Sorry I have not checked these out yet, others I have are in previous Antics. 

New Services & Classes Offered 

If you came to the November Open House or if you read my blog 

you will notice that I have added Hot Stone Reiki Therapy to my “toolbox.” Or you might enjoy hot and cold stones with your massage. Yum! 

In January I am offering two Reiki classes – Reiki I on January 13th and Reiki II on January 20th. If you want to review or audit a class (have taken this class with me before) the price is $25.00 which includes another attunement. A first for me, these classes can also be taken back-to-back. If you already have Reiki I, then you can take Reiki II with me. Normal fees for each class are $125.00. Payment arrangements can be made. For further details, please email or call.  

Wrapping Up 2012! 

With absolutely fantastic weather here in Dallas, it’s beautiful to be out and about. I managed to catch the Portraits of Paris at the DMA and walk the Klyde Warren Park this past month, and the French presentation got completed. (You know, the powerpoint-with-sound project that seemed insurmountable!) No excuses not to enjoy the sunshine! It’s hard to imagine that it really is December! But here we are! The Winter Solstice is around the corner, Christmas trees and decorations greet us at every turn, and the “list” gets longer. If you are feeling the stress, do call me for an appointment. Being balanced is the secret to enjoying the holiday season. 

I am wishing you and yours the very best of holiday seasons. Let’s all do our part in raising the vibrations of the Planet. They (you know, the wise men and women) tell us we are heralding a Golden Age and that we chose to be here at this time. Well, it is up to us to imagine Earth in her pristine glory, to dream a healthy environment and peace among Earth’s inhabitants. Is it too much to ask? May your heart be generous, may your speech be kind and gentle, and may you observe a fabulous month. Happy feastings! Happy holidays! 

With love and peace,  


Healer, Teacher and Lightworker 

P.O. Box 29013, Dallas, TX 75229 



PS If you wish to be removed from my mailing list, please let me know. Also follow me on Facebook or my blog 


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