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Dear Friend,

I love February! Winter (what winter?) is closing its doors and Spring is a few steps away. Already I have itches to dig in the dirt and plant flowers and herbs. Dare I buy more pots for more plants this year? January kicked off the year with a few fireside evenings, a few walks, a few appointments, the start of more French classes, a few hiccups (like a broken tooth, changing bank accounts) and lots of smiles. The past couple of months I have been giving Reiki to some nursing home residents and that brings tons of smiles. Pink has resurfaced as my new wardrobe color. I have started my lengthy tax preparation process. (That’s when I wish I had a cheetah taped to my back!!) I slipped back into eating (good, organic, dark) chocolate, so remember that if you send me chocolate on February 14th.  Meanwhile, there is a lot of drama going on – relationships to be healed (who wants a repeat lifetime of the same o same o). I have had to be more careful to do daily clearings. And friends are saying release, release. And do I know that one! When you are hanging on to old programs, then the muscles tighten, and it’s harder to relax. If you are taking things too seriously (and I know who I am) then do lighten up. Every day do something fun and exciting. This is the month for love to blossom, to shower people with compliments and smiles and joyfulness. It will do us all good!

With love,



Not the same ole thing!

Just watched "2012 A-Z" v=rxMymXI4KAg

billed as “A Galaxial Event of Disneyesque proportion” all about time speeding up, solar flares, DNA changes, galactic alignment, the Mayan calendar. I thought I was done with all this stuff, but here is a brilliantly illustrated explanation, (just don’t ask me to repeat what I learned!) Now I am really done with discussing 2012.


What’s Up?

No more paper copies of The Holistic Networker

. Will now have to go online.  And did you know that Half Price Books has access to millions of new, used and rare books.
.  How do they do that? Well, like other bookstores, they list inventories from other vendors, who knew! But….I bet you didn’t know that you could walk in a store and have them order and ship to you, so you don’t have to go online and put in your credit card information! (Yes, I had my reasons for doing it that way, but who knew Half Price had such great service!) I love Half Price Books many times over!


If you're on the HPB Email List, check your email inbox on Valentine's Day for a special offer! If you're not on the list, go to

so you'll get a store coupon to use during Booklover's Weekend -- Friday, February 15 through Monday, February 18 -- at any Half Price Books location. Coupon will be sent to HPB email subscribers on Thursday, February 14.


This past month I visited the Garland HPB store near Firewheel Mall. All I can say is, do get directions, don’t go in the Mall, look for Lowe’s and Home Depot and you will find it. Needless to say, it was worth the trip!!!! J I have really gone overboard on books this past month, so if you want to see the latest, stop in sometime.

In one of my recent Oak Cliff excursions, I was able to visit the labyrinth at the Unitarian Universalist Church on Kiest Boulevard

. As you can tell from the photos on the website, this is a beautiful oasis and worth the few minutes it takes to walk the labyrinth and connect with the Earth in a meaningful way.


One of my favorite TV shows is Steven and Chris on the Living Well Network

. When there is “nothing” on, channel 8.3 usually has something worth watching, it’s good for cooking ideas, frugal living, fitness tips, etc. And you know me, I love making something new out of something old, recycling to the max. Plus you can check out the website for recipes, design ideas.


If I had known then……

This past month I continued with my “detoxing” research. I started collecting my detox diet type books, putting them together and found out I had several books including “The Fast Track Detox Diet”

by Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman. Yes, if I had known a year ago that I could have done some self-testing (hair analysis, gluten intolerance, etc.) I could have saved some money. (Yes, I know all the tests cost money.)  I am also learning new information, the key being actually doing some of the things recommended like baths to get rid of radiation, etc. Funny how we have everything we need!!!!


Of course, I am still excited about my new ion cleanse foot and hand bath and treating myself on a regular basis. Let me know if you would like to try it out.

And did you know that getting enough sleep will help you lose weight! Amazing, now I can sleep in more!!!

Do You Know TED?

TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design. If you know TED, then you may have seen this video at

. creativity.html?qtwh=true&utm_expid=166907-14& 2FWellness-Paris%2F

Sir Ken Robinson discusses future world education courtesy of
. Has 14,279,211 views, filmed February 2006. Nice English humor! revolution.html
Four years later at a TED conference, he spoke again about the learning revolution. (3 million plus views).  So when I looked at the website, I met Richard Weller, and this was the quote that grabbed my attention. Our bodies get Vitamin D from the sun, but as dermatologist Richard Weller suggests, sunlight may confer another surprising benefit too. New research by his team shows that nitric oxide, a chemical transmitter stored in huge reserves in the skin, can be released by UV light, to great benefit for blood pressure and the cardiovascular system. What does it mean? Well, it might begin to explain why Scots get sick more than Australians ...” Now to the tuning fork aficionado, this is going to ring a bell! (or fork). Who knew that the sun, nitric oxide, skin could be so interesting. So, now we know more benefits of sunlight on the body, besides the vitamin D aspect. There are three TED conferences, two in California in February and the third in Scotland in June, 2013; however, if you want to organize a local event or see what is in your area, go to the website for information. I am mentioning this site so that when there is nothing on the telly (tube, tv) you can go to the other screen and watch creative minds elaborate on all kinds of subjects. Fascinating playlists!


I just watched the program with Julian Assange,

 and found revelatory information (no, I am not up-to-date on my political news, but the BBC reports that he is still in the Ecuadorian embassy, and Julian thinks the case against him will be dropped in six months.)


February Calendar

Everything happens February 3rd! Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans

takes place the same day as the Dallas Psychic Fair
on February 3rd.  What will you do? Of course, you will do both! Come by my table for some energy balancing, Reiki or sound healing (tuning forks) at the Fair. And then get ready to see the Super Bowl ads and half-time show! And February 3rd is also the meeting day for DFW IONS group
where they will be watching the movie “Happy”
(and Antics readers know all about that!) and a follow-up discussion. Why not do it all? Then again, you could participate in the Light Up The Grid Global Meditation {Dallas - 1:33 PM (2/2) / 12 AM (2/3)}
for 20 seconds or more. The ultimate purpose of this event is to help connect the entire world, while also helping to speed up the creative and spiritual evolution...and healing of all the people on the planet. If none of this is of interest and you need some shopping therapy, go to Re-Threads
at Preston/LBJ (12-5 on Sunday, see website for other times) for their 20% off sale.


If I could be in two places at once, I would go to the next ISEE

. meeting about angels with Debra West on February 5th.  And wouldn’t you know it, “Working with Angels” is also Tori Barlow’s topic at the psychic fair presentation. It is also on my brain too, as I am reading Doreen Virtue’s “Angel Therapy Handbook.”


February 10th, Patricia Cota-Robles will be in town

with the topic “Take Charge of Your Life.” I expect to arrive early as this will be a packed event.


Wednesday, February 13th, I will host our Reiki share group. If you are a Reiki practitioner and plan to participate, please let me know. Even if you practice on yourself infrequently, this time is when we can give and receive Reiki. Time is 7-9 pm in North Dallas. You can leave your concerns and worries at the door and leave feeling relaxed and at peace. Not a Reiki practitioner? Ask me about my next class and you can join us.

Reiki Fellowship Dallas (

) has two locations – Dallas Meditation Center and the Kessler Park United Methodist Church. See website for dates (2nd and 3rd Saturdays), details, directions, etc..


Let’s raise the vibe!


I have made it this far without mentioning gun control (gun owners kill) or recycling (why doesn’t everybody?) or Hollywood glamor events (They spent how much?) or The Bachelor (Isn’t there something better on TV that I can be addicted to?). Why focus on thoughts that lower our vibration/immune system? We have responsibility for ourselves, our families, our Mother Earth. Why can’t we just love one another? Okay, I might be opening myself up here for some criticism, but the Pisces in me says this February is for dreamers and doers. I am very optimistic about the month ahead and the changes that need to be made. I am dreaming about a road trip in March. I am encouraging political and economic change that will benefit us all. Let me know what’s on your mind.

With love and hugs,


Healer, Teacher and Lightworker

P.O. Box 29013, Dallas, TX 75229




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