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Dear Friend,

February approaches at last – Welcome to the romantic month, the month of Chopin, the shortest month and Black History month, etc. (more under February calendar). Also we are in the middle of television award shows, plus the Winter Olympics in Sochi (February 7-23) on NBC, The Bachelor (mmmmm!) and this season, Downton Abbey. One show I can read the newspaper, do dishes and still get the gist of it, the other, if you miss a few seconds, then you have lost the sense of it. (Of course, I could get inside scoop on Downton Abbey, but that would be cheating, however if you really want to catch up, go across the pond). I am going to have to catch up my other favorite, The Good Wife, on the internet. See what classy programs I watch!!

Forgot last Antics to include Raven Keyes’ website. (She wrote The Healing Power of Reiki and is a great example of modern Reiki masters). Here is what the Columbia University Department of Surgery, where Raven has been treating heart and breast surgery patients, says about her book. Might as well give myself a plug here because I am available to provide Reiki in hospitals too. Will be happy to work with you or your family or friends should they be scheduled for surgery or a hospital visit.

Are you impressed? I have discovered (or been reminded about, thank you, N.) hyperlinks. Instead of providing long website names, you can now click on the blue link and follow the trail, one more reason to sign up for newsletters via email.

New Partnership!

Did you notice my new partnership? I am very happy to announce a new business partnership with Ezy Lotfi and promote Bent Tree Wellness Center (Please be sure to bookmark this page.) Our combined services include energy work, reflexology, facials, etc. As an experienced reflexologist, aesthetician and Reiki practitioner, Ezy can address your health and beauty needs. Ezy is a raw foodist and meditation/yoga enthusiast, she can consult with you regarding nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. Please visit our website  and like our Facebook page. We can also combine our skills, so you receive the best of wellness treatments. You can reach us via email at  or you can contact Ezy at 972-380-2660 or me at 972-977-7012.

Is Reiki in your Health Plan?

Probably not (yet).But have you looked to see if other modalities such as massage include Reiki http://www.takingcharge.csh.  . It makes sense to schedule regular energy balancing sessions and find out if you can claim on your insurance. For example, Aetna, Group Health and First Choice Health accept claims for Reiki sessions (according to my source /.)

What About Insurance for Practitioners?

If you are an energy medicine practitioner or healthcare professional, then consider some of the following links. You might ask yourself why consider buying liability insurance (which you have already discussed with your wonderful Reiki teacher or energy instructor! Then again, I know some who trust in the Universe for protection and do not think it necessary.) At any rate, it pays to shop around, doesn’t it? Here is an interesting link  which describes how nurses can code treatments and what you need to do to submit a form to the insurance company. So here is a list of possibilities: need-reiki-insurance/

http://www.reikimembership. com/Insurance.aspx liability-insurance#modalities insurance   National Association of Massage Therapists - $90 includes liability insurance, after $140 membership.   International Association of Healthcare Professionals - $100 membership, Craniosacral trained professionals, insurance starts at $159,

A very detailed information packet for energy medicine or energy healing practitioners or students can be found at this next website plus a long list of modalities 20Liability%20Application%20June%202012%20Fillable%20copy.pdf . If you have additional suggestions or recommendations for insurance coverage, please let me know.

Just for the record, I carry my insurance with ABMP (American Bodyworkers and Massage Professionals). Even so, don’t fall off my table any time soon!

Retrograde Planets

Last month I mentioned February dates for Mercury going retrograde, but you might like to note the dates for the whole year: 2/6-28, 6/7-7/1, 10/4-25. I have discussed Mercury before, but don’t forget the other seven planets Retrograde_and_prograde_motion, not just today but also in your birth chart RETROGRADE.html. Here is a snapshot if you have retrograde planets in your chart planets-on-your-birth-chart.html. To see what is in store for 2014, here is a calendar  . Now I will have to see an astrologer, this just gets more and more boggling!

The Feisty President’s Speech!

Whereas the congregated congress and senators applauded our President umpteen times, I think I applauded him once (and now forget what for!) Where were the references to Fukishima, global responsibility, climate change and geo-engineering? And if you think we are doing enough solar and wind power energy production, think again! Yes, I am concerned for our farmers, and the quality of the food we eat and the water we drink. Yes, I am concerned for the unemployed, but I am concerned about the “Made in China” onslaught and the minimum wage (and Social Security and Medicare). The NBC team called the President’s speech feisty, not feisty enough in my opinion. See link for transcript.

Pendulum Dowsing Workshop!

Are you part of the pendulum craze? Are you a closet dowser or are you one of those who dowse the grapefruits at Whole Foods? You know what I mean! You don’t have to dowse every little thing, but it does help to ask the right questions. Learn what types of questions are appropriate to ask, use a dowsing sequence, learn how to use charts, discuss how modern dowsers use their skills and more. I have to include something about ethics in the resource handout, otherwise, it’s more or less a compilation of material which includes some history, techniques, etc. Will be fun to share. Bring your curiosity and your questions, pendulums will be available to purchase! This workshop is the first of a new series, there is just too much for just one workshop. No matter your skill level, you are bound to discover new information. Workshop will be Sunday, February 9th (2-4 pm) Cost: $30.00. For previous dowsing workshop participants, it’s half price, $15.00. What a deal! Location in North Dallas. Please contact me to reserve your spot before February 6th.

In researching for this workshop, I came across a couple of interviews with Raymon Grace (about an hour long) and Gladys McCoy  gladys-mccoy-art-science- dowsing/. You might find something else interesting in one of Kim Greenhouse’s shows.

February Calendar

How about gifting a friend with one of my Valentine’s Day Gift Certificates? A nice massage or energy balancing would make a great gift. Contact me now to request certificates.

February is American Heart Month, so this link includes some tips for heart health. February 7th is Wear Red Dayin the United States, in the UK it is February 25th this year. For more than 10 years, the American Heart Association has sponsored National Wear Red Day to raise awareness in the fight against heart disease in women. Some stores like CVS  and Kroger offer free health screenings. Worth looking up if you want to know your stats.

February 14th is World Sound Healing Daywhere for 5 minutes at noon (local time) you can join thousands around the globe and make a difference. Also Valentine’s Day and a Full Moon!

While still chilly outside, check out First Saturday (February 1st) Tours at the AT&T Performing Arts Center are free to general public and are conducted every half hour between 10 am and noon. Tour includes the Winspear Opera House, Wyly Theatre and Strauss Square. Bound to discover something you did not know! And remember that the Dallas Museum of Artis free (except for exhibitions) and it’s worth bookmarking this website, I missed the flea market in January. Or how about the Madi Museum  which is always impressive. The permanent collection spans over 60 years and includes paintings, sculpture and prints.

Saving the big date for last – February 2nd is the date for the Dallas Psychic Fair and Groundhog Day and Super Bowl Sunday (which means nothing to Dallas Cowboys’ fans), so plan your day wisely and come to the Fair early (Go Broncos!). You can visit me at my table at the Fair and receive an energy balancing, make appointments, buy soap or eye pillows, or just visit and chat. You can also take my new Wellness Quiz.

The next Reiki I workshop will be held on Saturday, February 22nd. Please let me know if interested and I will send details. This could be the life-changing experience you have been looking for! Reiki Fellowship will be February 8th or 15th depending on location.

Wrapup !

Lots to look forward to in February.I have plenty of firewood, plenty of TV shows to watch (Sochi calls) plus two workshops to keep me busy. With all this yo-yo weather, find something to do around town! Maybe the groundhog will see its shadow this year, maybe not. This is also the year of the horse in Chinese astrology, so you may want to look at that aspect. Susan Levitt talks about fast victories, unexpected adventure and surprising romance. (Aaaaahhhh!)

I hope you have enjoyed February’s Antics, I wish you a fun-filled month, keep those emails coming, take time for yourself and make it a fabulous February!

With love,


Healer, Teacher and Lightworker

P.O. Box 29013, Dallas, TX 75229



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