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Dear Friend,

Happy New Year! Happy New Beginnings! Happy Resolutions! Have you noticed how people are happier and more optimistic? Nothing to do with the recent celebrations or the fiscal cliff, but just for the heck of it! In fact, I am not stressing that Anna’s Antics is a few days late. When you feel good physically, it’s easier to feel good emotionally. Gone are the leftover chocolates (and gone soon the extra pounds!) and gone are the temptations in the refrigerator. Even having the carpet cleaned makes me feel happy! My new resolve is to plan my days, create a list and have fun checking off the items at the end of the day. I did think about ways to re-invent myself (“The Idiot’s Guide to Reinvention” would take me a year to wade through) but I am happy with just putting a plan in action. So this is the month for a new approach, trying something new, making new friends and, of course, letting go of the old not-really-working habits. And am I including bigger and better in my planning? Yes, let’s go for bigger and better in 2013. My wish for you is a healthy and happy year ahead. What are you wishing for? Have a wonderful month! 

With love,




The first month of the year always has a good turnout at the Dallas Psychic Fair

when people want to know what is in store for the upcoming year.  As well as the fine psychic readers and vendors, you will also see me doing energy balancing. Sunday, January 6th, I will be promoting my new ion cleanse foot bath, so expect to see information about detoxing. (Yes that is in my goal plan!) However, if you want to venture into the astrological aspects for the month or year, I can point to Cynthia Nowak
who writes in the Holistic Networker, check her website for monthly and daily forecasts. One of my other favorites is Robert E. Brown http://www.writingsinthesky. com/index.html
from the Indigo Sun magazine. Check out your forecast here. For the curious, let me refer you to Cindy Herb
where you can get a personal report that will tell you about 2013. In January, Cindy is speaking at the ISEE meeting and I know this will be fun and informative!


Personal Disclosure

I know my galactic family is here! Just watch v=ulWK-Ni-xiw

. Are we ready for our sky brothers and sisters to make an appearance? Even if we know that there are aliens among us, are we really ready? As I was reading about ascension and moving into the 5th focus or dimension (in my opinion, it is a process we are all embracing) I came across a book that answered my doubts and questions. Written by Patricia Pereira in 1997, “Eagles of the New Dawn” is the second in a series of work channeled by the Arcturians. I had read the third book some time ago, but this reading is uplifting and inspiring, and is beautifully written. Just reading it makes me feel good. In other words, the vibrations are getting through! Please, please, please put reading inspiring thoughts on your goal list!



One of the Christmas presents to myself was an ion cleanse foot bath. I had been thinking about this for over a year. It will help me (and you) in our detox program. The reasons are endless, we are just living with more pollution around us, and not just our neighbors cigarettes, Dorothy. When heavy metals (with names you can’t pronounce) show up in your medical file, it is way past the detox stage. And when you don’t have enough energy to go through the day without regular inputs of caffeine and massive doses of sugar, then it’s time to lead a more healthy lifestyle and take steps to rid yourself of the “issues in the tissues” let alone all the allergic reactions we have to various foodstuffs, etc. Using the ion cleanse bath (either feet or hands) is an easy, relaxing way to rid yourself of toxins. I have accumulated a lot of research about this treatment, photos taken for the flyer, and a list of benefits created. There is a special price for January, a serious of three costs $75. The normal price is $30 per session. (If you were in Los Angeles, you could pay $85 per session!) Followed by an energy massage, this is a wonderful treat! 

Another easy and relaxing way to rid yourself of allergies (even the ones you don’t know you have) is the NAET

method I mentioned in December’s Anna’s Antics. I am currently in the middle of a series of these treatments with Nancy Corsaro at East-West Acupuncture
. Nancy is also a wellness coach, so I am receiving lots of good advice and direction about my overall health.


Wanted – Your Blood and Your Books!

Last month I also mentioned donating blood to Carter Bloodcare, many centers in Texas

.  This is a good idea for you! What I didn’t mention is that I am unable to donate blood as I have had hepatitis A and I was in England at the wrong time when they had mad cow disease. So I will have to think of something else to donate. (No, not books!)


Speaking of books, I have discovered the Lucky Dog Bookstore in Oak Cliff

, one of three stores in the Metroplex. The store had a good metaphysical selection, worth a browse. If I had had change in my pocket, I would have purchased a few, but another day. Lucky Dog takes books in trade. They are open 7 days a week too. This could easily expand my time in Oak Cliff!


Reiki Classes in January

This year I plan to facilitate more classes and workshops and presentations! January 13th it will be Reiki I and January 20th it will be Reiki II. This will be the first time that I have offered these classes together, but I feel the energy is right. People want more information and want it all now, as the saying goes. (Those of us in the know understand that it also takes practice, but practice can come later.) If you have taken this class with me before, then the review price is $25 each and this includes the attunements. The cost for new practitioners is $125 per class. After this month, my prices will increase. (I keep saying this, but this time, it’s true!) Payment arrangements can be made. Do sign up by January 7th.

In March I will have a Reiki Roundup, open to all practitioners, that will include material or activities not covered in the classes. And in April, it is time to have a Reiki Retreat. (Yes, I am actually planning ahead!!!)

Out and About

Next to Half Price Books in Irving (opposite Irving Mall) is a great Argentinian bakery http://www.argentinabakery. com/index.htm

and whether a cup of coffee, bottle of water (last visit I forgot to take bottled water from home) you can be assured of great (I mean generous) hospitality. I confess they gave me the bottled water! And the time before that they did not accept money for the coffee. All I can say is, they must make great cookies and cakes!


Now here’s another amazing find in Irving, in what used to be Furr’s just up the street, china-super-buffet-irving

. The lunch (cheaper than dinner) buffet is absolutely amazing. Everything from frogs legs to salmon to you name it. Yes, it beats Golden Corral. Can’t wait to go back! (The reviews vary, but this has 5 stars in my book.)


Grab those coupons! things-to-do/coupons-and-special-offers/

Includes local attractions like the Nasher Sculpture Center, Sixth Floor Museum and various restaurants, shopping deals. Also start a new trend in 2013! Visit the galleries on Dragon Street! Check out http://www.dragonstreetdallas. com/
and see event details such as the gallery walk on January 12th.


January Calendar

The first Sunday of the month (January 6th) you will see me at the Dallas Psychic Fair

.  Whether it is energy balancing, Reiki, tuning forks or just a bit of conversation, do stop by my table. This is a great way to spend a cool (pun intended) afternoon. Plus this time I will have my new ion cleanse flyer, books on detoxing on display. And I will be signing up people for the Reiki classes.


Reiki share group at my house will be on the second Wednesday, January 13th. If you are a Reiki practitioner, do consider this monthly event.  Time is 7-9 pm in North Dallas. Call or email for directions.

Reiki Fellowship Dallas ( will be January 16th at Kessler Park United Methodist Church. See website for dates, details, directions.


After January 21st, admission to the Dallas Museum of Art will be free. See you there! Unfortunately, the Portraits of Paris exhibit will be gone then, but there is always “stuff” I haven’t seen before. (That exhibit was so inspiring when I visited after Thanksgiving Day that I have since created two French-themed collages! And with my new dining table and chairs, my place is looking more like I’m home!)

Happy New You!


So the focus this month is on the new you – fresh ideas, new goals and perhaps a new plan. Put wellness on the top of your list and you will reap the rewards. Whether a regularly scheduled massage, Reiki session or an ion cleanse, you know where to go. Wishing you the very best for this New Year. May it be all you hope, dream and desire!

With love and gratitude,


Healer, Teacher and Lightworker

P.O. Box 29013, Dallas, TX 75229




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