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Dear Friend,

Happy New Year! Happy New You! Feel recharged and renewed as we begin 2014. Whether you join a group ceremony or have a quiet meditation (or drink a gallon of champagne?) bring in the New Year with a new tradition. For example, the New Year’s Eve vigil at Center for Spritiual Living on Spring Valley, you can even sign up for an hour at the noon to noon prayer vigil . You might like to try the Reiki New Moon meditation or something like the New Moon Meditation from Lucis Trust which includes the Great Invocation. Or you can check out the numerous parties at or watch it all happen on TV and count down with one billion other people . (In Dallas you stay up to make sure the locos light fireworks or load guns carefully (what idiocy!).

New month, new year, let’s invite new energies into our lives. Lots of ideas in this “Anna’s Antics” so keep reading. This time it is a 6-pager!

With love,



My Take on 2014!

First off, we have a New Moon on New Year’s Day. If astrology is Greek to you, here is an article specifically for this New Moon which is very understandable, includes a chart, and reminds us to set intentions for the whole world and our purpose in it. Yes, we might create resolutions on this day, but also our intentions and goals.

I just purchased another oracle deck so to begin the year I will be taking a close look at the cards. And I will probably buy another set of angel cards, just one way to be more prepared for 2014. At the Open House I had a numerology handout so you can figure out your personal year, etc. (I will have copies at the Dallas Psychic Fair on January 5th). 2014 is a 7 year. Two Tarot cards associated with the number 7 are The Chariot and The Tower. The Chariot is about attaining balance – between emotional and mental faculties; between the material and the spiritual planes. The Tower is a card that foretells of catastrophes, sudden calamities and unforeseen events out of which comes wisdom and understanding. It just so happens that my personal year is a 7 also. According to my source, a very spiritual year, a time to share knowledge through writing or teaching or conversation. The Dallas Psychic Fair has many experienced readers who can provide individual ideas for your next year. People do ask me to make recommendations, but you make the choice, I can only tell you what readers I have worked with and how you can choose what is right for you.

When did we learn that meditation reduces violence? In 1993 practitioners of Transcendental Meditation (TM) lowered the crime rate in Washington . Can we please do the same in Texas? In the old days, it was shoot first, question later. It just seems that police actions recently have reverted to the Old West days. Some of you might remember the Peace Project in Dallas but I did not see anything recent on their website. Digging deeper, here is an interesting blog The idea that we can create global harmony hits big with me!  9,000 meditators, ommm!

“Out with the old and in with the new” is one of my favorite mantras, and it applies to 2014. This “do nothing” government has contributed to our massive surveillance, degradation in our education system, and a laughing stock of our justice system. I could go on (and on)! The latest affluenza case knocks my socks off. And the dental assistant who was too attractive . Pleeeeease. Next primary election in Dallas will be March 4th. I will be scrutinizing the rosters very carefully! And voting in a lot of “new” in March and November. (Thinking about helping out at the elections? – I did this once years ago – then look at )

I like the advice from 90 year old Dr. Ho, who runs the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Chinese Herbal Medicine Clinic located in the Himalayan foothills of Yunnan Province, China. He states: "To achieve successful treatment, patients must be confident in their own cure, optimistic in attitude, conduct their lives rationally...and apply both Western and Chinese medicine where appropriate. Life and disease coexist, each moving in tandem. Optimism is the best medicine. Eat simply, live simply, but above all, be optimistic.” Without a doubt, we need to be optimistic in 2014!

Another quality proposed for 2014 is humor, or humour! Since I love British movies, here’s one I can watch a few times called Quartet, you can view the trailer via this link . You can borrow from me or rent for $4 at . (You can even rent the “house” where the movie was filmed!)

2014 will also be the year for me to upgrade my cell phone. Since buying my flip phone a few years ago, technology has leapt in bounds beyond my comprehension. I know I am in for a learning curve when I walk in the phone store (or WalMart, or Best Buy or wherever). My phone is falling apart, the monthly cost is outrageous, and one day (when I feel courageous) it will all change. Will a smart phone make me smarter?

I can’t move into 2014 without a quick look back at 2013. What a year! Challenges, passages, upheavals on a global level, and where there is much division, I am reminded that we are one. The aspect of godness that commits crimes is also part of me telling me there is an opportunity to upgrade my status, to be a compassionate channel, and that life does go on. I was surrounded by some “family” tragedies and the pain that comes with transition. They say time heals. 2014 will be a year for healing.

Growing my business is also on my 2014 list. Combination packages will be a popular offering. For instance, experience chakra balancing with crystals, ion cleanse foot bath with hand reflexology, Reiki with essential oils, hot and cold stone massage, etc. When you schedule an appointment, I will be happy to discuss options to maximize your customized session. If you received a holiday gift certificate, be sure to make your appointment in January.

The Reiki in nursing homes program will be expanding in North Texas. Group sessions will be starting January 7th in the Flower Mound home where I practice Reiki. I look to see Reiki being offered in more assisted living facilities and rehabilitation centers.

One idea I like for 2014 is creating a Gratitude Journal, just write something for every day. I think I’ll just add something to my planner. What a great idea! For more ideas on incorporating gratitude into your life or setting intentions, I suggest You might wonder why I am not including resolutions in this Antics, well, when I get around to it, I will be happy to brag about the weight loss, accomplishments, etc. Making resolutions will happen at the last minute I am sure.

One Pisces (me!!!) report for 2014 says: Making a living what you love doing! Pay-off comes after long training, long-distance travel, court proceedings, or publishing.” Forget the court proceedings, but watch for me to do more self-promotion and writing. 2014 is full of promise and excitement. If you want to look at your own astrological forecast, here’s one where my forecast says “With a little optimism and a lot of hard work, you can use the disruptive elements of 2014 to your personal advantage.” Just what I had in mind!!

Not being an expert with the crystal ball (yes, I have one) I can only anticipate 2014 to be filled with opportunity, creativity, new relationships, fulfillment and success. I will be doing angel card readings, developing my intuitive skills, lots of Reiki, working my business, who knows about the book writing (it’s on my to do list) and much more. I hope my take has inspired you to have an awesome year ahead!



Reiki Workshops in January!

Is now the right time for you to participate in the Reiki I (January 12th) or Reiki II (January 19th) workshops? Here is a link to information as posted on Moonlady . Save $50 by taking both workshops or review class (past students only) for 50%. Workshops include attunements, payment arrangements can be made. Please register by January 5th. For more information, please contact me.

The Latest Reiki Book in my Library!

No one bought me a bookcase this past Christmas and my library keeps expanding. The latest Reiki book is called “The Healing Power of Reikiby Raven Keyes . With a foreword by Dr. Oz, Raven has spent time in operating rooms, was a volunteer after 9/11, she writes about both experiences and how Reiki can heal trauma. A fast and powerful read!

Magazines and Sundries Wanted!

The nursing homes where I practice Reiki are in need of magazines (Better Homes & Gardens, Southern Living, Outdoor Life, Popular Mechanics, Car & Driver, Time, Newsweek, etc.) and bath and beauty items, as well as crossword puzzle or Word Find books. Just let me know and I will deliver! Thank you for your donations.

Pendulum Dowsing Workshop

Save the date! On Sunday, February 9th, I will be sharing more about pendulum dowsing. My latest dowsing book “Pendulum divination For Today’s Woman” by prolific Cassandra Eason is bound to be included. You have learned how to get yes/no answers with your pendulum, but now what? Explore what types of questions are appropriate to ask, use a dowsing sequence, learn to use charts, discuss how modern dowsers use their skills and more. Bring your curiosity and your questions, pendulums will be available to purchase! Will be located in North Dallas. More details to follow.

Is A Tiny House For You?

Did you read about the tiny house in Dallas (Dallas Morning News on December 18th)? Beth Ann Norrgard has dreams of creating a tiny-house community. If this idea grabs you, here is a list of web sites you might find interesting . (How about we all build one and live off the grid?) Here is one more example:  Love it!


Where’s Matt?

Remember “Trip the Light” with Matt Harding mentioned months ago in Anna’s Antics? (I was addicted to the music for a while!) Turns out in 2013, Matt was a speaker at the American Humanist Association conference which I found fascinating as the definition of humanism is worse than the definition of religion.

Sundry Items

Based in Houston, Indigo Sun ,a monthly publication for conscious seekers has been going for 21 years, I can remember the first paper copies. (Did you wonder where it disappeared?) Now you can go online, of course. You can catch up on astrological happenings by Robert E. Brown for daily configurations and other helpful articles and ads. You will see Satori meetings advertised, January 10th has their 13th Annual Prediction Night, contact Phil at 817-222-1871 located at Richland Hills Community Center. (Another great choice in the Metroplex!)

Have you noticed that many websites have the wordpress “look” – clean, white space – like the Dallas Psychic Fair for instance? If you haven’t checked out the Holistic Networker lately, look at their list of articles – something of interest for everyone . (Did you know that acupuncture helps relieve arithritic conditions? Or a Zen mind (open mind) will help us accommodate new information?) This look is also popular in blogs and newsletters. Mmmmmm.

January Calendar

The first Sunday of the month (January 5th) you will see me at the Dallas Psychic Fair Whether it is energy balancing, Reiki, tuning forks or just a bit of conversation, do stop by my table. Smell the new soap, sign up for workshops. You can pre-schedule sessions by calling or emailing ahead of time.

Reiki Fellowship Dallas ( will be January 18th at Kessler Park United Methodist Church The Reiki Fellowship takes place in The Kessler School  (3rd floor) so be sure to admire the beautiful artwork up the stairs or in the hallways. See Reiki Fellowship Dallas website for details on Dallas or Richardson locations.


Starting January 26, 2014, the cost of stamps will increase which means letters across the pond will decrease, emails will increase. So stock up on those forever stamps and allow the post office to deliver to your door. ($.49 for a domestic bill or letter, $1.15 overseas, and $.34 for postcards. Absolutely outrageous!)

Happy New Year!

I wish you the very best of health, happiness and prosperity for 2014. Start the year off with fresh ideas, new goals and plans. Get ready for new stuff, clean out those closets if you need to, many can use your discards; clean out the kitchen cabinets too; be generous in your donations. Fill your heart with kindness, nourish your body with organic food, keep your energy fields clear and fill your spirit with a sense of renewal and upliftment. Whatever it takes, take the high road.

On a more mundane level, get those taxes done early, Mercury goes retrograde on February 7th. If there is anything you have been putting off, get to it. Ask for help when you feel stuck. Read an inspiring book. For $1 I just picked up “The Aladdin Factor” by Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen which gives you tons of ideas on how to ask for things. It is the perfect bathroom book, you can read any paragraph or a page and feel inspired.

Have you thought about regular energy balancing treatments during 2014? Make a note to self for every month. You can schedule a massage or energy balancing with me, of course, just know the benefits of having a regular wellness program. If you are an energy healer, locate an energy buddy so you can do exchanges. (Could be me???)

This year, may your desires and dreams come to fruition, may you succeed beyond your wildest thoughts, may you be strong and courageous. Make it a wonderful month!

With love and gratitude,


Healer, Teacher and Lightworker

P.O. Box 29013, Dallas, TX 75229



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