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JULY 2012


Dear Friend,

Wow! It’s July already with planning for outdoor fun and fireworks for Independence Day on July 4th. I might be able to see KaBoom Town from my apartment complex on July 3rd, just one of the local activities to celebrate our freedom and independence . To be honest, I don’t really celebrate independence, I mean that happened how many years ago, but celebrating our freedoms is worth considering. I challenge you this month to dig deeper into spiritual freedoms and see what you come up with. May July symbolize a month of letting old ideas dissipate and where new ideas are embraced and celebrated. Let it be a month of discovery!



Oh Bother Big Brother

Don’t ask me how I stumble onto interesting videos, maybe it was the idea of freedom that was inspiring me. We are so fortunate to have the freedom of speech, etc. (If you disagree with me, what are you doing about it?) There was a time in the old USSR where you would be imprisoned for mentioning the name of a secret project. After the Soviet breakup, the West was enlightened about some of the secret Russian projects including an aircraft longer than a football field Soviet Top Secret Weapons Further digging tells us secret military projects are still happening.

Balance that news with the community in Siberia who reveres a modern day Messiah complete with solar panels and a guru who can talk the talk.

And while we celebrate our freedoms, we also know that our every move on the computer is being tracked

and our every move is being tracked via the little imprint in our credit cards and passports. Surveillance bills are being considered in the UK and (in my candid opinion) the US is next. “The bill would force Internet providers to log where emails, tweets, Skype calls and other messages were sent from, who was sending them, to whom they were sent and how large they were. Details of file transfers, phone calls and text messages would also be recorded.” Dallas Morning News, June 15, 2012. Oh, and only criminals need be worried!!! How would we like to go back to snail mail?

We all know about google tracking, but here’s a search site that does not track .

This past month I finally watched the movie “Thrive” with Foster Gamble and his wife.

If you have been keeping up with all the links in Anna’s Antics, there was not much new information, however, on the “solution” side my ears pricked up. Worth another look! Sacred geometry fans will love the torus graphics.

On The List

When I resigned my day job last month, I had a long list of To-Do’s. The “skinny” demo is still on the list, so watch for an invite. Going back to school was on the list. So far I am taking “Introduction to Oncology” and that will help my massage CEs. Homework involved writing about a cancer, and I chose prostrate cancer since it is the fastest growing type after skin cancer. I am amazed at the high percentage of older men who need to address this issue. Of course, this required a few trips to my favorite bookstore. Related to the topic, but not necessarily to the homework, I recommend Advanced Chakra Healing – – Cancer by Cyndi Dale. Lots of fabulous information!!

On My Toes

Did you know that “I dreamed a dream” sung by Susan Boyle now has over 60 million views. But this is not the only video, here’s another one of the same which has over 95 million views . Susan sung this song at her audition, and also in the final (over 21 million views) of Britain’s Got Talent in 2009. So if you have not listened to this clip by now, you have to be living in the shadows. Does this song tug at anyone else’s heartstrings? Or am I being obsessive?? Get ready for this song to be sung in “Les Miserables” musical coming out next December . If you want to watch the trailer, be prepared to hear “I dreamed a dream” (again) with Anne Hathaway.

Recently I watched “Les Miserables” with Liam Neeson and Geoffrey Rush and their acting was superb. (Let me know if you want to borrow the DVD). I can’t wait to see the chemistry between Russell Crowe and Hugh Jackman (you can guess who they play) in the upcoming musical.

July Calendar

Sunday, July 1st, I will be at the Dallas Psychic Fair doing mini-energy balancing sessions. I am ready to see what is new at the Fair after a year’s absence. Check out the webpage for the latest information. Located at the Doubletree Hotel at LBJ/Midway now. I look forward to seeing you!

July 2nd is Silent Meditation Day. Whether at a retreat or just for an hour, consider participating. Many traditions have days of silence, but I am reminded that we are halfway through 2012 and this might be a good time to consider a quiet, reflective time to join others in silence.

July 3rd, we have a Full Moon. Why not visit me at the Fair and evaluate your goals for July, ready to come to fruition at the Full Moon?

Our next Reiki share group meets July 11th (second Wednesday of the month) at my home in North Dallas (Tollway/Keller Springs). Open to all Reiki practitioners, 7-9 pm, call or email for directions please. As usual we will honor distance requests.

Every Sunday afternoon in July you can go to Texas Discovery Gardens and appreciate the Basically Beethoven Festival, free admission, program and information at website .

Hotter and Hotter

I have just visited the Nasher Sculpture Center - not my first visit, but maybe my last. The Neto exhibit was enthralling, the gardens enchanting. My news comes from the Dallas Observer and D magazine, so I am up on the current war between the Museum Tower with its killing reflective surface and it will be interesting whether greed or death wins. The hotter the Summer gets, the less viable will be the Sculpture Center with its heated garden and display areas.


If I had to pick a vacation time or a time for a sabbatical, ideally it would not be in July, but circumstances the way they are, I am still in transition/decision/healing mode. I have a little more suntan than I did three weeks ago, my skin is still almost white since my days of sunbathing are long over, but I swim in the pool occasionally and take walks late evening. It’s all about balance – the key to low stress. If I can assist you in being less stressed and more balanced, visit me in my healing space. Currently available days, but do call first. Do call me regarding July specials. Have a wonderful month!

With love,


Healer, Teacher and Lightworker

P.O. Box 29013, Dallas, TX 75229


PS If you wish to be removed from my mailing list, please let me know.




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