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JULY 2013


Dear Friend,

July is Reiki month! On July 14th I will be facilitating a Reiki II workshop. Are you interested in the Reiki I or II  workshops? Let me entice you. My first question to anyone interested in Reiki is sometimes “Have you experienced a Reiki treatment?” If you schedule a Reiki session ($65) with me before next Reiki I class (July 28th), I will deduct this amount from the ($150) workshop fee. How is that for a deal??

A flash mob in Moscow dancing to “Putting On The Ritz” is bound to get your feet tapping while you read this newsletter. (Thanks, Kathleen, for this passing on.)

On June 23rd I presented the “Dowsing and Healing” workshop. This workshop is geared towards those who already work with the pendulum and have a serious interest in the art of healing. It now includes over 25 different techniques and is over 140 pages (and growing!). Call me if interested, let’s chat! Just getting started with the pendulum? I also offer an “Introduction to Pendulum Dowsing” so call me for dates and times.

I hope your month is filled with joyfulness and fun. Have a wonderful July 4th holiday! My friends will be enjoying traditional fare that day (veggie burgers for me please) as well as relaxing and watching fireworks in the evening. Have a truly fabulous month!

With love,


Are You an Empath  ?

A couple of months ago I wrote a comment or two about being empathic. Here is a list of 30 traits attributed to empaths are-you-an-empath/so if you really want to know if you fit into this category, here you go. To be honest, I think we all fit some of this, some of the time. I mean - moody, overweight, anti-routine, free-spirited, creative - could describe me some days. So, let me ask, do you know any empaths  (besides  yourself, thatis)? Can you empathize or relate with them? Perhaps a little understanding will go a long way.

Bridging Science and Spirit!

For many years I have known about the International Society for the Study of Subtle and Energy Medicine (ISSSEEM). (Belated thanks to Bessie!) They have an online magazine, but also you can access their archives  which contain articles by some of the big names in the scientific and spiritual frontiers. Open any issue and it seems you can find something of interest. This organization also provides insurance for energy medicine practitioners  . So if your interest is piqued subscribe and get up-to-date information!

Dowsing & Aromatherapy!

I love it when two of my passions come together. Here we have pendulum dowsing and aromatherapy or essential oils. Here is an excerpt from An A-Z Aromatherapy by Patricia Davis (p.102). You might just gain an idea or two! And if this is “old hat” to you, see if you agree. I like her dowsing analogy.

“Dowsing involves using a pendulum, which will move in different directions in response to questions. For many people, a clockwise swing indicates “Yes” and anticlockwise “No” but this is not universal, and everybody who wants to use a pendulum needs first to find out what the appropriate movement is for themselves, by asking a simple questions with a known answer, such as ‘Is this Lavender oil?’

Some aromatherapists employ dowsing as an aid to choosing the right essential oil to use for a particular purpose. My own feeling is that with a thorough knowledge of the oils and their properties and an intuitive response to the person you are treating, dowsing is not really necessary. It often confirms what you already know intellectually, or have felt to be right intuitively. However, even this confirmation can be valuable for a beginner at aromatherapy.

Another area of use, which I do employ quite often, is to check on the purity and origin of a sample of essential oil, if I am not entirely certain about its quality. It is possible to ask such questions as ‘Is the oil in this bottle completely pure?’ or ‘Are there chemical residues in this oil?’

Dowsing is also used extensively to check on foods for allergy sufferers. This is a really useful ‘spot-check’, as it can be done in a few moments, in a small space and unobtrusively, which is very useful when eating out or shopping. More comprehensive tests can be done later if necessary.

How does dowsing ‘work’? If we take the analogy of a clock, the hands don’t tell the time; the inner mechanism of the clock does that, but the hands make it possible for us to see what the time is. A pendulum doesn’t ‘know’ anything, but it makes it easier for us to get in touch with our own intuitive knowledge, perhaps even with the collective unconscious.

No special knowledge or skill is needed to dowse. Everybody can do it if they wish to. You can buy a pendulum ready-made, or improvise with any small, heavy object, such as a doorkey or ring, threaded on a cord.”

Of course, you can dowse without a pendulum, but that discussion is for another day.

North Texas Psychic Fairs!

Someone recently asked me about local fairs, so here is my latest list. If you see any changes that need to be made, please let me know.

The Dallas Psychic Fair has been around since 1979 obviously the most established, held at the Doubletree Hotel, 635/Midway the first Sunday of the month.

Sense-ations Ppsychic & Holistic Fair is held the 2nd Saturday of the month at the Doubletree Hotel, I-75 & Campbell just inside Richardson, founded by Kellye Magbee.

Blue Moon Expo, Psychic & Holistic Fair founded by Joye King, about 4th Sunday, but check website for exact dates.

Miracles of Joy in Lewisville Monthly Psychic Fair 2nd weekend of the month.

New World Psychic Fair & Intuitive Healing Meetups in Waxachachie and Dallas  on Saturday end of the month, see calendar and location on website. Organizer Rev. Gail Hudson. Or go to  .

Lightworker’s Sanctuary in The Colony.Various events and classes, store. Beautiful crystals!

The Crystal Source Store in Hurst hosts events. Has meetup page

There are over 60 meetup groups in the Dallas area, listed under: Metaphysical or Spiritual, and plenty under psychic or healing. (Funny how when I put in, all kinds of listings for Dallas pop up! They must think I live in Dallas!!!)

Thumbs Up!

Thumbs Up to The Daily Show freemanwith Jon Stewart, I mean, John Oliver sum-up-the-nsa-scandal-in-less-tham-5-minutes-2?c=ufb1 for the summer. I can actually understand the humour!!  Come to find out that we both went to school in Bedford, though the school he attended wasn’t even built when I was around. The Daily Show may end up being my news source since you can watch episodes on the web!! So I looked up my old school. (Note to self to contact Wikipedia to have me listed under Notable Former Pupils for the notorious Dame Alice Harpur School, such an oversight!)

Thanks to Karla B. for turning me on to the Awakening Zone Radio an international network for empowered awakening, hosted by (very English) Sandie Sedgbeer, owner of New Earth Publications and  now living in Scottsdale, Arizona. I have listened to two interviews so far, well worth it. Check out their archives or upcoming shows to see if any interest.

Thumbs Up to DART ! I rode the bus and train on Dump-The-Pump day (June 20th) and was pleasantly surprised by the service. Might just have to plan more day trips!

And thumbs up to Hong Kong who publicly recognized that the NSA/CIA is spying on Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, Facebook, PalTalk, YouTube, Skype, AOL, etc.We can all thank Edward Snowden for bringing this to our attention!

Out & About!

Did you know the Egg & I was a franchise? Senior discounts (10%), especially on Tuesdays (20%) locations/dallas.html  should be noted, now in 21 States. Don’t just do eggs over easy, go a little more expensive for the eggs benedict, worth it! Yes, once in a while I stray from the gluten-free/Non GMO diet. Free meeting room too.

Half Price in Irving is now closed, much to my dismay. All their books have been shipped to a new store in Austin. Good news is that they are looking for another site in Irving where the rent is reasonable. Stay tuned. An added benefit for educators and librarians, you can get a 10% discount card  .Believe it or not, there are stores I have not yet visited, like the one in Arlington at Cooper and Pioneer. Next field trip!

In June I visited the Unity church on Forest Lane and lo and behold in their bookstore  I found a huge (not so huge now!!) selection of used metaphysical/health books for $2.00 each. Their hours are Mon-Wed 4:30-7pm, Sun 8:30am-1pm. And if you use their links to buy books through Amazon, the church receives a percentage.

What’s New?

Have just ordered free new business cards .Well, not exactly free when you add in postage and additional quantity! Still, a very good deal. Visit me at the Dallas Psychic Fair and you will see them. The July “Special Offer” is attractive too! I am looking for new testimonials for my work and am willing to trade “50% off” for some good words. So make your appointment, and let’s talk! This includes massage, energy balancing, ear candling, ion foot cleanse and foot massage!! (Don’t trip over any the plants at the front doorway!)

A simple technique for relieving stress, bringing focus, etc. is called Two Hands Touching  from Juniper Bartlett. This might (!!!?) look familiar. Whatever it takes!

The African mask plants actually survived the winter, and I thought they died and went to heaven. The leaves look like the ones advertising the Dallas Zoo on DART buses. And come to think of it, I bought them at a plant sale at the Dallas Zoo over a year ago.


Celebrate July!

Bring out the red, white and blue and celebrate with fireworks and fun! Don’t forget to include the Dallas Psychic Fair on Sunday July 7th for time to explore your inner world with a reading or two AND do stop by to visit me for an energy balancing! My sessions are tailored just for you. You can pre-schedule a session with me before the Fair, just email or pick up the phone. Look out for me wearing red, white or blue!

The 2013 Basically Beethoven Festival (Sundays in July) takes place at the Dallas City Performance Hall This Festival is a free event, might just see me there. Parking costs, but if I use DART, it’s just a 2 block walk.

When was the last time you had a massage? Every Body Deserves a Massage Week happens July 14-20th. Make your appointment today and get a memorable massage!

Gosh, I made it to the end of “Anna’s Antics” without a negative comment, political opinion or accusation! (Sarcasm and wit, yes!) My last words are for everyone to look on the sunny side. Let’s shower our neighbors with smiles, perform many acts of kindness, appreciate the flowers, and be grateful for all things. We are halfway through 2013, let’s make the rest of the year spectacular.

I hope your July is vibrant, lush and intoxicating! Be safe driving and don’t bake in the sun! Be calm, slow down and make wise choices! Make it a jubilant July!


With love and hugs,


Healer, Teacher, Lightworker

P.O. Box 29013, Dallas, TX 75229



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