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JUNE 2012 


Dear Friend, 

So June is National Bathroom Reading month – Wahoo! Check out see if you can pick a favorite observance. Actually, June is the month of love and romance, graduations, weddings and for me a month of reinventing myself. With Venus and the Sun dancing on the 4th, the energies are all about upping the love quotient on the planet. It’s time to get out of the rut and into the limelight. Show off your new figure, jazz up your wardrobe, get some new ideas.  As I have mentioned before, 2012 is about change. Are you going with the flow and experiencing changes? Let June be the month of adventure. Let it be an exciting month! 

With love, 



It Takes Two! 

Let me tell you what has happened in the past month. A new hair cut! Compliments galore about the new length! Thanks to the Aveda Salon in Carrolton I was able to donate my locks to Locks of Love and get a free haircut. Well, not exactly free since I gave a huge tip to my stylist and purchased product. (Thanks, Al, for the connection.) Located at 121 and Hebron, if you stop in, please mention my name (and I will receive a $10 credit. Thank you!) Aveda salons have a great natural approach and a cool mission statement! 

And let me tell you about the doves who made a nest in one of my iris pots on my balcony. It was a shock when I first discovered my guests had made a home in one of my plant pots. Two eggs and days of waiting have now produced an expanded family. Like a watching parent, it has been a cool experience to see the parents share nesting duties and see the chicks grow.  

Since love is in the air, you might want to check out Mix N Match Event & Adventures, that is, if you are single and want to meet other singles. 


Books, Etc. 

After reading “Sacred Journey to Atlantis” by Dr. Norma J. Milanovich I delved into “Pleiadian Perspectives on Human Evolution” by Amorah Quan Yin. Copyrighted in 1996, here is another gem that is so appropriate for the times we are going through. At the end of this book are some clearing techniques. Want to know more about our history, the history of Venus, Mars and Maldek, then this is a must-read. 

Several months ago it was recommended that I learn the tapping technique Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) There are many sites you can check out. I feel compelled to share this information as a tool for shifting energy. And once you have this easy technique down, it’s fun to share with others.  

J’avais reve d’une autre vie 

No, I am not practicing French; but it doesn’t hurt to throw out a zinger every now and then. This title is translated to “I had dreamed of another life” and since I am going through a re-invention phase, it is appropriate. 

From “Les Miserables” the song “I dreamed a dream” sung by Susan Boyle now has over 51 million views. If you didn’t click on this link last month, how about now? The views have increased by 9 million in one month. And it wasn’t all me, honest! (If you ask me about tosh, I will know that you checked this out!) 

Another reason for becoming familiar with the words is so you can sing along in the newest adaptation of “Les Mis” coming out later this year, a musical starring Anne Hathaway as Fantine, the trailer features her singing “I dream a dream” . Already receiving raves, even mentioned on WRR, the local classical station

Local Events 

Following up on the last Antics, I am still searching for “People v. The State of Illusion” Sorry for the alarm, I have not seen showtimes in Dallas yet. Please look out for this movie in Dallas, bound to impress.  (Let me know if you see notices.) 

The movie “Best and Exotic Marigold Hotel” is still playing in Dallas and can transport you to India, land of delight and smells. Highly recommended for no F-words, no violence, no sex. A cute movie! And if you do not know what hob-nobs are or the lure of Branston pickles, then I can provide intimate details

Reiki Sharing 

The latest book to hit the Reiki bookshelves is “The Complete Reiki Tutor” by Tanmaya Honervogt .  If you like Reiki books with lots of illustrations, then you will like this book. 

Our next Reiki share group meets June 13th (second Wednesday of the month) at Ezy’s home in North Dallas (Tollway/Keller Springs). Open to all Reiki practitioners, 7-9 pm, call or email for directions please. As usual we will honor distance requests.  

For those wishing to experience Reiki, giving or receiving, Reiki Fellowship Dallas now has two dates (second and third Saturdays) and two locations (Kessler Park United Methodist Church and the Dallas Meditation Center) Contact Sue 214-437-2737 or Jim 214-893-8983 or check out  

Saving the Best for Last! 

On June 2nd, I spent some great time at the first Love and Romance Expo at Addison Conference Center.Invited by Cindy Herb was inspirational to hear Cindy speak and it was great networking. Do check out Cindy’s websites and blog. Next week I have a facial makeover scheduled and will get to experience a “skinny” massage. It’s all part of the re-inventing. 

Mid-June I will be transitioning from my “old” daytime job to ??????? Perhaps a vacation, perhaps a new job, perhaps a full-time energy/massage business???? Certainly an exciting time for change. 

June bring us to the half-way point in the year. The Summer Solstice approaches fast. If you feel life is going too fast, then slow down, meditate, regain balance. If you want to schedule a Reiki session or an energy balancing, then call me. Watch for details as I include “skinny” massage into my repertoire.  Next month I will announce new changes. Meanwhile, enjoy June, maintain an even keel, and remember a sense of humor works every time. Have a fabulous month! 

With love,  


Healer, Teacher and Lightworker 

P.O. Box 29013, Dallas, TX 75229 


PS If you wish to be removed from my mailing list, please let me know. 

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