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JUNE 2013 


Dear Friend, 

Now that “Dancing With The Stars”  is over, why turn on the television? I so much enjoyed Kellie and Derek’s flamenco, or how about Zendaya and Val’s contemporary dance in episode 1, and Andy Dick made it all real. How about the British version called “Strictly Come Dancing?”  

Well, there is more to life than DWTS as you will see in this month’s “Anna’s Antics” – from the soapbox about Monsanto to the flavors of Reiki to certified organic eggs to understanding orbs and more, there is a right hodge-podge of topics.  

If you check out my website, there is a new article titled “Worrying to Worry-free.” Also new this month, my appointment rates will be $65.00 per hour. At the Dallas Psychic Fair, they will remain the same at $1/minute. Call me to schedule an appointment, available days and weekends. 

Hard to believe it is June! Without a doubt there is a lot going on. I hope you find moments for relaxation. Try this piece (Gabriel’s Oboe) while you read (9 minutes) or with Yo-Yo Ma .  Second thoughts, you might want to play afterwards. Just brings tears. I hope your month is filled with joyfulness and lightness. Have a fabulous month! 

With love, 



What Are Orbs? 

No, not referring to the Queen’s regalia, but to the spherical globes that sometimes show up in photos. Here we have an excellent article by Tom T. Moore about understanding orbs. If you are not familiar with Tom’s weekly newsletter, be sure to check out his writing in books, Sedona Journal of Emergence, even Facebook or go to the website for a samplefrom Tom’s latest book First Contact which highlights Antura, a member of his soul group or “cluster” who has had over 800 lives on earth, but now calls Sirius B Star System his home planet. Great introduction and description how Tom was first contacted. 

The Arcturians Are Back! 

Several months ago I mentioned the Arcturian Star Chronicles by Patricia Pereira. Thanks to Half Price Books (where I placed my order), I am now reading Volume Four. Every page provides stimulating and inspiring thoughts! Arcturians are fifth and sixth dimensional beings, our space brothers and sisters from Arcturus These beings are on the next rung, so to speak, encouraging us to awaken to proper stewardship of the Earth, becoming conscious period. 

We can read other channeled writing from the Arcturians in the Sedona Journal of Emergence, authors like David K. Miller   or Almine or surf the web for messages Marilyn Raffaele, just puts a perspective on our current circumstances. Every channeler is a little bit different, but you will get what you need to when reading.  

Wynken, Blynken and Nod! 

Just like the three fisherman in the nursery thyme, it seems that,_Blynken,_and_Nod(nice history!), we have winked, blinked and nodded off the Earth watch we call life!!! I continue to be amazed and disgusted, if that is possible at the same time.  

If you can believe the media, what started as chlorox being poured down the drain culminated in Wal-Mart paying a $81.6 million fine for their waste disposal practices between 2003 and 2005 in California. This happened on our watch! The local protest against GMO Giant, Monsanto on May 25th went by almost unnoticed, about 1,000 people walked from City Hall by Farmer’s Market, etc., all very peacefully. A paragraph buried in the Dallas Morning News! What is it going to take when the U.S. Senate votes 71-27 against GMO labeling? Even the citizens in Belton, Central Texas rallied! . I was there in spirit, just not in body. Because of ID cameras? Partly. Well, the food movement will continue! I will continue to eat organic and make wise choices when it comes to food. Rest of the World 49, USA 0. (I just made that up.) Not everyone is for GMO labeling, some GMO fields are being raised (that is erased) as I write, somewhere in Asia. I have shared more information on Facebook. What is also sad is that the seed modification has been going on since the mid 90’s (earlier??). Whole Foods pita chips now have a label to verify they are non GMO Wahoo! Now we can get really serious about this issue! 

We are being watched according to this article about anti-fracking environmentalists and although this starts off in Pennsylvania, of course, it leads to North Texas. Pretty serious when emails are confiscated (well, you have to read it for yourself to determine where to draw the line for yourself). 

If I was to add Social Security, immigration, benefits for Veterans, cruelty to animals, Homeland Security (what an oxymoron) to the list of atrocious behaviors we see in our world, all I can say is “Let The Truth Be Known.” 

Little Things Please Me! 

When I step off the soapbox, a whole new world is revealed. This past week I was moseying around the mansions of Flower Mound, and saw a sign that said “Eggs For Sale.” A little patch of pasture with horses and chickens! I am sure the owner was astounded when I grilled (?) her on the type of feed and how long she had been raising chickens. I was assured that her chickens roamed free. Of course, I bought a dozen widely colored eggs! To heck with organic eggs for $5, these were fresh and only cost $3. So what are organic eggs? Turns out it just means that the chickens are fed organic food, no hormones or antibiotics. Even cage free does not mean they have wing-flapping room, they could be standing next to hundreds of other birds. . Free range or natural even does not mean humane living conditions. Labels are so confusing! . I now feel better about where I will buy my eggs! Not as great as raising your own chickens, but next best thing. 

Better than Reiki? 

At a recent gathering I attended, I was reminded by various healers that their “practice” or “experience” was “better than Reiki.” What does this mean? Not the first time, I had heard this. Often, healers learn about Reiki and take other training/courses in the healing arts, myself included. But, can something else be better?  

One of the first times I heard about Reiki being compared was EDINA, the method offered by Lois J. Wetzel, a method now shared as Energy Medicine from the Stars. Here is a basic demonstration I suggest looking at the first website before watching the demo so you understand the context. 

Texas’s first Reiki Master, Julia Carroll of several books, recently advertised “Nu-Reiki Oneness” courses in Houston. Or how about Edna Frankel with “Beyond Reiki” 

When you see how many types or flavors of Reiki there are, you can see the twists and turns that Reiki has evolved. I like to separate my tools and explain that I practice Reiki and various energy medicine techniques. It is always best to follow up with explanations. The other criticism that I heard at the gathering was that all the energy techniques are the same. Interesting! Yes, it is all energy, but up to the practitioner to be as clear as possible, and like the Native American healers “be as a hollow bone.” 

June Happenings! 

June 2nd already and it’s time for the Dallas Psychic Fair .  I will be offering mini-energy balancing sessions using hands-on modalities or tuning forks.  You can pre-schedule a session with me, just email or pick up the phone. See you on Sunday afternoon! 

On June 23rd (12-5 pm) I will present the “Dowsing and Healing” workshop. This workshop is geared towards those who already work with the pendulum and have an interest in the art of healing. Over 25 different techniques are included. Please note that materials have been revamped and expanded. Please register by June 16th. Cost is $135. Call or email to request further information. 

I know there are other happenings during June, but these are just two on my radar screen. It seems there are a lot of ideas in the air (plus we are in Gemini, haha) however, I am grounded when it counts, really. I hope your month is vibrant and full! 


With love and hugs,  


Healer, Teacher, Lightworker and Vision Therapy Practitioner 

P.O. Box 29013, Dallas, TX 75229  


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