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Lightworking in the Corporate World

Anna Parkins, Healer, Teacher, Lightworker

Working in the corporate world after a four-year detour has been a different experience for me. After eight months of long hours, stress, a rigorous schedule and challenging days, I can report that the mission, for it has been a mission, has been a success.

To begin with, the choice was material and spiritual – a need to pay bills and an inner desire to resolve issues and move on to the next frontier. It was again time to break down some barriers and experience a new level of freedom. I had a sense of being guided to this corporate stage which would allow me to blossom and to share my true self without pride or judgment.

I acknowledged Divine timing. And did I say stress. Yes, the stress level was incredibly high.  At the beginning, I was enthused, determined to have a great attitude every day. I would be able to call upon my inner strengths, use my intuition, be balanced energetically through right diet and exercise, keep my meditation program going. There would be some brain challenges as much new knowledge and information was fed to me. Being back in training school for a while brought its own routine and structure, there were tests and I managed to just get by.

That was an old survival pattern, plus I knew I was being helped on the inner planes. It was all new. With the long hours, I dropped away from previous social activities, even church was bypassed, those who were my friends understood the new regimen, and my meditation periods disappeared. I clung to the remnants of my spiritual life, breaks in the bathroom were times to take a few deep breaths, even making sure I drank enough water was carefully planned. There was no rush to join the commuter traffic after work, I always took my time and went into “relax” mode during off-time. Sleeping in at weekends was a luxury, as were the weekly energy healing massages which I considered a necessity.

Finally the stress manifested in my weakest points. For me, energetically the second chakra, the energy center representing survival, financial concerns, was vulnerable, and this translated into the kidney/bladder area as my fears of insecurity grew. The personality part of me fought to maintain my self-image, self-confidence, self-esteem. Struggling in class and just making it, did not make me feel wonderfully successful. Plus the environment was also highly competitive, and I would not exactly call myself a competitor.

I was not feeling good about my job, I was not getting any feedback from coaches, supervisors or managers, and that made me feel more isolated. Some of my co-workers quit. I hit the six-month mark and I watched my attitude wane.

Then I was sick. I could not speak, I was congested. My digestive system was haywire. I had to rest. Nothing like sickness to make you appreciate health I thought. I was sick for a day. Then the following week I was sick again. My lower back was in pain, standing upright was impossible. I had to rest.

The corporate world is not sympathetic or understanding when it comes to illness. There are expectations that you show up to work and put in 100%. Perhaps the hugest regret or failure on my part was that I had gained weight. This difference of a few pounds meant huffing and puffing up stairs, clothes that were supertight, and unsightly bulges where there were none before. There was no getting around it. And it seemed that all of the extra avoirdupois was around the middle, you got it, the second chakra.

Of course, with the new corporate scenery, there were members of the opposite sex that I could survey. Now, when I saw a good-looking male, I had to pull in my stomach and divert attention to my smile. Restoring balance was vital. I knew my limits and boundaries and tried to make proper choices and decisions for my personal well-being.

I upped my vitamin intake, I was aware of getting enough rest, massages restored my sense of self and a sense of freedom and gave me an attitude of “I can do anything”; my dominant mouse maneuvering hand did not feel tight or stretched. I was getting chiropractic adjustments to assist my spine and the rest of my body. I did energy healing work at weekends and this flow of energy assisted me. I was reassured by wise friends that being a lightworker in the corporate world was enough and bringing light to the workplace was fulfilling my mission.

I did not have to do anything, just show up – grounded, centered, balanced, breathing in the life of Spirit. Being a Lightworker means maintaining high level vibrations, transforming energy, it is being responsible for self and having a commitment towards a higher purpose. For me, it is about applying knowledge I have learned as a healer and metaphysician and balancing my energy field.

What techniques have helped me?

Slow breathing is first and foremost in my mind. Deep breathing brings calmness and centeredness.  Add visualization, include color breathing, consciously clear the seven major energy centers. Visualize your workspace surrounded in white light, consciously connect with your co-workers, be present to the moment, be grounded and centered. When hiccups happen, take a quiet moment to get back into a balanced state. I did not let anger or fear rain on my parade.

Drinking water was next on my list, to keep me grounded and my throat lubricated as my job required constant talking. Plus drinking water helps weight loss. With the busyness of the day, it is easy to forget to drink water, but it is so important.

My work surroundings include brightly color photographs of Texas wildflowers and this helps me comfortable and relaxed, and I can look at the computer screen and the nature scenes.

Also I had a couple of crystals. Now for a collector of crystals, it was hard for me to limit myself to three crystals – a rough fist-sized quartz I had dug in Arkansas; a rough rose quartz, a polished rose quartz point which serves as a stress relaxer. Occasionally I used an orange and lavender oil stress therapy spray. 

Other tips that have allowed me to stay sane include getting away from my desk at every opportunity for a stretch break, if possible a few steps outside in the sunlight; connecting with others of similar resonance. In other words, surround yourself with supportive colleagues, those who are positive and cheerful to help maintain high vibrations. 

Lastly, every day is filled with moments of gratitude and thankfulness. Thank you, St. Germain, for reminding us to thank and bless our world (Indigo Sun magazine, June 2004). 

All of the above experiences have brought me to a new level of freedom, have moved me through uncomfortable zones, have alerted me to old vibrational patterns and brought me into new ways of being and thinking, have connected me into the corporate matrix and with others who feel they are slaves to the system.

Also a greater awareness of world politics and finances entered my consciousness, previously pushed aside as negative or non-spiritual. Without question, the financial rewards have been generous. Without a doubt, my angel wings have expanded, and I have grown in awareness. Being a Lightworker is fun when you remember who you are, not so fun when you limit yourself to the robotic corporate lifestyle.

To my lightworker colleagues, I offer encouragement and support. To my friends in the corporate world, I say look beyond your present limitations, bring in balance from your inner world and look into some of my experiences you have read here. It is my honor to be a connecting force and an honor to meet you when our paths cross.


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