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MARCH 2013

Dear Friend,

March…….March madness (reference to Basketball in the U.S., but it could be just craziness), St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, the beginning of Spring, Easter celebrations. Girl Scouts selling cookies, the Iditarod Race, Return the Borrowed Books week (is this you?), Spiritual Wellness month, just to name a few items that come to mind. Earth Day  is actually on April 22nd, however I have included some events that help us look at healthier choices for us and Planet Earth. I have also included some references to madness and some uplifting ideas and some ideas to get you off the couch!


But the launch of my new product dominates the scene. Coming in March are Reiki-infused Aromatherapy Eye Pillows featuring special pockets for crystals. Not only do you get the wonderful aroma of sage and lavender, but lapis lazuli beads and quartz crystals are included. Great for yoga enthusiasts and meditators and anyone who wants to spend time to relax and heal. Thanks to my professional seamstress, my wonderful web goddess and my guides and angels for pushing me ahead with this project. A formal announcement is forthcoming.

This month’s tips – Get a Kroger Senior card (over 55) and receive a 10% discount on Kroger-brand items. Also if you drink coffee, ask for a card at Saxby’s and receive the 10th drink free (on the way to/from class, it’s easy to be tempted by a café latte). Another recent discovery – Metrocrest ReSale families in need) has a Senior Day on Tuesdays, located Midway/Trinity Mills.


What music do you listen to while browsing the internet? Try out

. My usual is WRR 
but I am willing to explore. 


One way or another, we are waking up as Nature stirs and blesses us with brilliant buds, birdsong and sunshine, we are listening to new energies whispering in our collective consciousness, we are waking up! I hope you enjoy the Antics for this month.

With love,



Bumps in the road!

Are you experiencing problems, issues, challenges? You are not alone. As I look around me I see transitions, delusions, illusions. I am seeing more sickness and death, people feeling depressed, and sometimes overwhelm. Not to sound gloomy, but these challenges demand that we look within for spiritual strength, otherwise how can we overcome these so-called bumps in the road? (Even politicians mention such bumps, but I wonder if their approach is the one to take!).

I had a few little bumps last month when things cropped up – like my cell phone going way over minutes, the digital camera dying, the crown for the broken tooth, etc. – nothing unsolvable, nevertheless, bumps that stopped forward progress on other projects. All these little things added up in time and energy, stuff that had to be taken care of. After this period of time, it was easier for me to move on and feel grateful that I have the freedom to do as I please (within reason!!!), create what I want, etc. It could have been a lot worse, I could have got down on myself, my self-talk could have immobilized me, I could have bored all my friends with the down-on-my-luck stories.

So what is my advice? I always suggest reaching out to family and friends. Plus daily clearing (putting up those protective shields, using techniques to clear out the yucky energy that we pick up at the local chaotic supermarket, the negative vibes at the doctor’s office, the world news that promotes fear, etc. etc.) If you need help in this area, please ask me.

What the frack?

Fracking continues to be in the news. From the ongoing debates in the Dallas Observer

to Natural Awakenings magazine which mentioned the possible radioactive impact 
, to a Facebook page for Dallas   ,  isn’t it time we figured this out? 


Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon are spearheading the protest against fracking in New York.


See if your favorite artists are on the list opposed to fracking. This is not only a problem in Dimock, Pa. where the water is undrinkable, but in many States including Texas. When future generations (I suppose there will be future generations!) look back at us, they will shake their heads in dismay or wonderment. You decide! (It goes without saying that I am opposed to the Keystone pipeline, but I will step on the soapbox, one topic at a time.)

Higher and Higher!

Patricia Cota-Robles was in town www.eraofpeace.orgonon February 10th for her free seminar “Take Charge of Your Life.” I arrived to find an empty seat on the front row, sitting next to Marie Georgopolous What a coincidence! You can visit with Marie at the Dallas Psychic Fair or you can contact her directly to inquire about her wonderful healing services. 

If you missed Patricia Cota-Robles, here is the video “Raising Consciousness”  which will present some of the ideas discussed that day. Over two hundred spirits joined in love and awareness. A special day for me, especially as some of the “bumps” needed clearing. 


Raising the Vibe!

If you are looking for sound healing chants or meditations, then listen to Norma Gentile or visit YouTube for videos. Here is a sample:

or check out “Completion” 
which has audio and video, for me opens crown. A few minutes is all it takes. 


An uplifting series of books from the Arcturians and written by Patricia Pereira continues to inspire me

. I am currently reading the first volume “Songs of the Arcturians” and have previously read Volumes 2 and 3. (Guess who is going to order Volume 4?)  Every page is poetry, every page contains codes of awakening, every page has concepts to ponder. Written in the late 90’s (before its time?), just appropriate for the times we find ourselves. These books are available on kindle 
for those who do kindle. Patricia 
continues to channel for the galactic community. There is no charge for borrowing books out of my library, I just ask that books be returned (eventually). 


We Are Not Mad!

Here is some writing from one of those recent sleepless nights. See if it resonates with you.

“We understand the corruption of corporations and politicians. We see the desolation and rape of Earth, the pollution, the mass extinction of plants and animals. We can see the root cause of humanity’s filth and decay. Yet, who are we to question? We are the spiritually aware, the freedom-thinkers and imaginative artists who cling to the truth, who seek the truth and persevere. No, we are not mad or insane. The anger we sense, we change to compassion.

Yet we are reminded again and again that fear and separation are the destroyers. In the shadow lurk the enemy, dark and treacherous. In the light of day we see clearly and truth is revealed. Truth will always win.

If you see poverty, imagine generosity. If you see hunger, offer hope. If your neighbor is dying, grieve alongside them and become a friend.

Ask for help when you need it. Turn dead-ends into circles, and circles into arrows and arrows into wings. Create opportunities for yourself and others. Love when there is nothing else left.

We are not mad. We are……”

On Silver Wings!

Close to home is located the headquarters for Mary Kay cosmetics. Way back in 1989 I worked temp at Mary Kay for two wonderful days when it was located on Irving Boulevard. Now the current 13-story building that dominates the Dallas Tollway includes a museum in the lobby, just walk in

and you will be transported to the time Mary Kay Ash founded this company. Go to this website and you will find the inspiring poem about silver wings. 


Thumbs up to the Mary Kay organization for bringing awareness to the domestic violence issues being faced today.  Mary Kay’s “Don’t Look Away Campaign” is featured in this video clip.

But getting a thumbs up from me requires a bit more. Representatives of Mary Kay all over the States are approaching various State lawmakers to stop the abuse 
. This website includes good tips for Dating 101, looking at young women who find themselves in abusive relationships.  Ending the violence against women and fighting cancer were two of Mary Kay Ash’s passions.   More at 


Did you see Shirley MacLaine portray Mary Kay Ash? The movie was called “Hell on Wheels: The Battle of Mary Kay (2002). Available on YouTube, starting with  (10 segments total, after you see the food fight, you will be hooked!). MacLaine is brilliant!


It is ironic that BeautiControl ( is nearby across the Addison Tunnel, now a brand of Tupperware . This won’t mean anything unless you know the history (or watch the movie). 


I Create My Day!

Remember the words of Dr. Joe Dispenza

in “What The Bleep….?” 


"I wake up in the morning and I consciously create my day the way I want it to happen. Now sometimes, because my mind is examining all the things that I need to get done, it takes me a little bit to settle down and get to the point of where I'm actually intentionally creating my day. But here's the thing: When I create my day and out of nowhere little things happen that are so unexplainable, I know that they are the process or the result of my creation. And the more I do that, the more I build a neural net in my brain that I accept that that's possible. (This) gives me the power and the incentive to do it the next day.”

There is more on the website, but this is a start. What a significant piece of information. (I know this is a repeat for old Antics readers, but I love this quote.)

You may want to take the brain quizzes on his website. Even if you do not get any right answers, it’s an education! Okay, so I need to learn a lot more about the brain!

Now we have a useful meditative tool with two hours of nature sounds and healing music plus other free downloads from Dr. Dispenza at

And can’t we all use some de-stress time! 


March Calendar

The month starts off with the North Texas Irish Festival Fair Park March 1-3. People come from all over Texas (and beyond) to enjoy the music, dancing, food and beverages. (Whiskey tasting, anyone?) You can even take your dog! You can watch Celtic football or hurling! (The videos are fun.) Just go to the activities page or the performers page and see how much fun you can have! You don’t have to be Irish! 


If you haven’t checked out the Dallas Psychic (& Wellness!!!) Fair lately, then visit on Sunday, March 3rd and see what I (and a few other people) are doing.

There are psychic readers, vendors and wellness practitioners. You might find a special crystal, meet a clairvoyant or two and receive an energy balancing or healing treatment! See website for discount coupon and to pre-schedule a reading. If you wish to pre-schedule your session with me, call or email. 


Every month Satori meets in North Richland Hills Community Center. Friday, March 8th, Jim Marrs (

) will be speaking on “Our Occulted History.” I’m thinking this is one I do not want to miss. I have read two of Jim’s books, front page to back page. (We should all get prizes for that!) Don’t ask me any questions, it all got filed! Be warned about exploring the website, you may change your opinion about a lot of things. 


Saturday, March 9th, I will be joining the healers, readers and vendors at Sense-ations Psychic & Holistic Fair

at the Doubletree Hotel (Campbell/I-75)/ Kellye Magbee (Mahariel Meleahh) has organized and promoted this Fair over the past two or three years, so that now there is a monthly newsletter, monthly speaker event, discount admission via newsletter, and a growing following. You can also contact me for a $2 off coupon before the Fair. Look at website to see who will be there!


Join in the celebration on March 10th, 4:30 pm,  for Women’s International Day

at the Persian Cultural Center 
. Check out the program! And you don’t have to understand farsi, this event is also for English speakers, and men are invited too. It’s on my calendar! 


At the last few Reiki Shares I have hosted, it has been me, the guides and angels. If you are a Reiki practitioner, you are welcome to join me (every second Wednesday of the month) on Wednesday, March 13th, at 7:00 pm (also World Peace Meditation day). We always send distance Reiki and benefit from the group energy. Call me for directions.

I continue to support Reiki Fellowship Dallas (

) in North Oak Cliff. There are now two locations – Dallas Meditation Center in North Dallas and the Kessler Park United Methodist Church in North Oak Cliff. See website for dates (2nd and 3rd Saturdays), details, directions, etc. This is a great community service where the public is invited to receive a 20 minute Reiki session. 


 In Plano on Saturday, March 23rd, we have the Natural HealthFest

. Tickets are $7, seniors $6, and save $1 by buying online. Bound to be speakers and exhibitors that appeal to me. Even a gluten-free hall! Includes samples and prizes. Bring it on! 


The 2013 Dallas County Community College District Sustainability Summit is scheduled for March 28th at Mountain View College. Free admission, register at

and to check out information. 


Au Revoir for now!

As a reminder, we change clocks on March 10th, Mercury goes direct on March 17th, the first day of Spring is March 20th, and Easter is celebrated at the end of March. Happy Easter to everyone. Although it seems that “life” is zooming past us, it is important to “live in the moment” and savor every second. Are you meditating? Do you delight in the silence? Aromatherapy eye pillows can assist you in de-stressing and relaxing, please ask me for details. If you are having trouble being grounded or feel life is a whirlwind or that you feel hopeless about some things, or if you just feel tired, do consider an energy balancing appointment. I am available days, some evenings and weekends.

I hope that you have found the current Antics of interest and that it has triggered some good memories. As we observe nature around us, as March heralds new beginnings and new life, let’s be grateful to Mother Earth and give her love and respect. Have a wonderful month!


With love and hugs,


Healer, Teacher and Lightworker

P.O. Box 29013, Dallas, TX 75229




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