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MARCH 2014

Dear Friend,

Spring is teasing us right now, but come March 20th (after changing clocks on March 9th) we will definitely be ready for a little warmer weather. This month’s Antics seems to be full of calendar items – planning next Reiki workshops, planning pendulum dowsing workshops – looking ahead, making good choices. The first weekend of March is no exception, a lot of events happening around town, Oscar watching parties on Sunday, etc. I will be at the Dallas Psychic Fair(first Sunday of the month) 11:30 am – 6:00 pm at the Doubletree Hotel, Midway/LBJ, then I will be headed home for a relaxing evening by the fire!

In February I treated myself to a new fancy phone, I’ll give myself a month to figure out the bells and whistles. One perk is that I can now accept credit cards. Making and receiving calls is another matter, but I’m learning!

Spring also brings new influences and opportunity for growth and change. I will be looking at changing the newsletter format, so stay tuned. Are you feeling the urge for new growth? Are you looking for new ideas? Would an angel card reading be helpful? I will be happy to share an intuitive reading, just schedule a time, can also work over the phone.

Here is a new mantra I like from Stephen Deuel of Vibroacoustics  “I give thanks that I am able to live a life that lets my heart sing.” Stephen has a brand new video about sound tables. (Of course, I would like one!) Now located in Lewiston, New York, he and his wife Deborah lived in Hot Springs for many years, visited Dallas a few times. See website for list of products, workshops, etc.

One more thought before we march into March. There seems to be a lot more, what I call, global stress going on. So important to nurture ourselves, take time out from our hectic lives. A little pampering, a little relaxation, goes a long way. Consider making an appointment for massage, Reiki or tuning forks. For Reiki practitioners, I am open to exchanges. Yes, we need relaxing times too! Also note I take distant appointments.

The Turning Point

Anyone interested in going to hear Gregg Braden speak in Palestine on March 15th? Palestine, Texas, that is! Located at the Lakeview Retreat Center, $140 for Friday evening and Saturday (including lunch), sponsored byThe Association for Research & Enlightenment - SW Region.  This region coversTexas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and the Southern portions of Kansas, Missouri, and New Mexico.  Based on the writings of Edgar Cayce, you might want to consider joining this group. They have fabulous conferences and speakers (and books!!!). Presentation is called “ The Turning Point” which just happens to be the title of Gregg’s just published book, which means you can get your copy signed. This book has some great ideas. Gregg states: “The Turning Point is written with one purpose in mind: to empower us in the choices that lead to thriving lives in a new, transformed, and sustainable world. I believe it’s possible to move onto this path, while preserving the traditions from our cultures and heritage that make our time in this world so rich. The key to our transformation is simply this: the better we know ourselves, the better equipped we will be to make our choices wisely.” Gregg has an awesome background, has been writing books since 1997. I’m still wading through his last book “Fractal Time” and will be skipping a few pages for sure, just way above my head. Still, banging on the gray matter might help in the long run! 

Update on Bent Tree Wellness Center

Some people have asked about a location or site for Bent Tree Wellness Center. Both Ezy and I currently practice out of our homes, a stone’s throw from each other, so we can easily combine our services. We envision a time when we can expand to a “real” site and partner with other wellness professionals.

For Facebook  followers, this is old news, but since last Antics, we have compiled a 39-question Wellness Questionnaire designed to prompt you to think about your health and wellness issues. Ezy and I are offering free 30-minute consultations. Whilst we might offer our own ideas or experience, if we do not have answers for you, then we will refer you to the proper channels. (Turns out we both volunteer our ideas as part of our practice anyway!).

If you are a Facebook fan, please like our  Bent Tree Wellness Centerpage. We need more likes, please! (Thank you to those who already have!)

Unconditional ” – The Movie to Watch!

Based on a true story and released in 2012, the Dallas Morning News gave it a B+ (if that means anything). Listed as a Christian drama, you might find this hour and a half movie entertaining, so just click on the link to view. (I know, you are just finding out what this link stuff is all about, but here’s a free movie. Oh, and there is a whole bunch of other movies you can access at this link, so check it out.)

Feeling Rusty With Reiki?

Let’s say that you would like a quick brushup on the Reiki hand positions, I am including a link to the International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT) where William Lee Rand demonstrates the hand positions. Actually, both videos on this page are excerpted from “The Reiki Touch” DVD. If you want to borrow my DVD, just let me know. William’s website now offers 581 web pages and numerous articles, plus some free downloads. Nice that they have a search button!

Next Reiki workshops include Reiki I on March 30th and Reiki II on April 5th and May 18th. Details will be announced shortly.

Practitioner Insurance Continued

Obviously, I am compiling a list of organizations that offer insurance for the practitioner. Here is another source. In this case the Alternative Therapy Professional Association caters to cosmetologists, yoga/dance instructors, as well as energy workers, Reiki practitioners, Bowen practitioners, massage therapists, etc., etc.

You Don’t Know HAARP?

Like I know HAARP? When I discovered some folks in my circle do not know about HAARP, I decided to include this paragraph. I remember when it was first set up around 1993 and thinking what a travesty. Now it is back in the news as a possible creator of earthquakes and weather anomalies. You think the harsh winter we are experiencing is due to global warming, think again! HAARP(linked to Wikipedia) is an abbreviation for High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, and was first employed in Alaska. Patented in August, 1987 by Texas' physicist, Bernard J. Eastlund (1938-2007), he is credited with being one of HAARP’s creators and developers. Distracted by media, we sleep while snow (I wonder what barium, aluminum, etc. is in this winter’s snowfall?) falls thanks to    geo-engineering. As usual, there are many websites out there to confirm and confuse us. Linked to the masterminds behind the scenes, we also have the chemtrailsfamiliar to most of us. Many websites on this topic. I call this yo-yo weather, but I am sure I will be calling it something else when I get the electricity bill!! (Yikes, the electricity bill arrived, and yes, even with wood burning in the fireplace, it is astronomical. Must be all that computer use!!) So I would welcome ideas on what we can do. In the UK you can join the Chemtrails Project. (Just look at the chemtrail photos over London!) So, we missed the Global Marchon January 25th. Think I “should” know more since I am passionate about this issue, so on to more digging….like the Dallas event  on May 3rd. Please investigate some of these sites or do you own digging. HAARP and chemtrails are designed to mess with the electromagnetic fields around the earth. You know, Texas has that saying “Don’t Mess With Texas” so it’s time to say “Don’t Mess with Planet Earth!”

Pendulum Dowsing Workshop!

So much fun at the February pendulum dowsing workshop, I have decided to do another one on Sunday, March 23rd (2-4 pm). This will be a beginner workshop, making sure you can get yes/no answers, learn how to use charts, what type of questions are appropriate, and discuss ethics, etc. There is a hefty resource guide too. And I will have pendulums for sale. (I am also back into beadmaking, so will have crystal and bead pendulums.) Workshop cost is: $30.00. For previous dowsing workshop participants, it’s half price, Location in North Dallas. Please contact me to reserve your spot before March 15th. I will facilitate a more advanced workshop on April 13th where we will look at energies in our home, determine energy fields, further uses for pendulum dowsing, etc.

March Calendar

On March 1st, Paul Hubbert has workshops at Miracles of Joy in Lewisville (crystal grids 10-3 $135 and sound concert 7:30-9 $25, plus advanced workshop on Sunday), he is the pioneer for holographic sound having toured the area since 1994. For a 19 minute introductory video, click on this link    , includes segment on crystal bowls, interesting comments about western music (at 12:00 minutes). Nice information for anyone interested in sound vibration.

Every month Satori hosts fabulous speakers and presenters in North Richland Hills. On March 14th, Monica Blossom presents “Conscious Evolution Through Embodied Practice.” For information on Satori meetings, contact 817-222-1871.

Also on March 15th,    the My Wellness Festival will be held in Eureka Springs, Arkansas at the Crescent Hotel. Facebook followers can go to for information. Road trip, anyone? Tyler or Eureka Springs? Mmmmm.

I am looking forward to ABC’sDancing with the Stars” with its season premier on March 17th. Thank you Facebook, someone posted a website where you can watch hundreds of TV programs like Downton Abbey and I am thrilled about that since I missed some episodes. Website is worth checking out!

Meet Max, the Crystal Skull, in Celina March 28-30 with presentation and mediation with JoAnn and Max on Saturday at 7 pm (cost $20.00) or to schedule appointment/further information, contact Michelle at or 214-504-8610. Owner of the crystal skull JoAnn Parks can be viewed and you can read the history here. (Lost track where I found this announcement, but probably Facebook, thank you.)

This month is the time for planting ideas, for feeling inspired and inspiring others. What inspires you? I hope there are some ideas that grab your attention in this month’s Antics. As always, I look forward to hearing from you. Make it a fabulous month!

With love,


Healer, Teacher and Lightworker

P.O. Box 29013, Dallas, TX 75229



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