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May 2013

Dear Friend,

Peace. Infinite Peace. Can you see the divinity within the chaos erupting in our world today? Do you withdraw to the quiet center in your being? How are you handling the fear surrounding the Boston and West (Texas) catastrophes? I deliberately avoided the usual media, however through my Facebook friends, I lovingly sent prayers. And then I started asking questions, including the question "May I?" such as "Was the town of West scoped out prior to the explosion?" and "Was it a coincidence that a drill was occurring in Boston?" Surely, it was no accident that Gov. Perry was in Illinois on April 17th? Just as Princess Diana's driver was innocent, were the perpetrators of the Boston bombing innocent? While we were distracted, the Fourth Amendment was dismantled by the US Senate. This is the one about sharing your private information with who-knows-what and why, monitoring e-mails, etc.. Now, I have been known to put information out there, later to discover (or be told by friends) that it was unfounded. So while I am not bi-locating to Washington, DC, please do your own research for current status.

Let me make some suggestions. I mean, we all process information via the media and/or we have a direct experience. Some of us raise questions. I am drawn to a paragraph in the book "Songs of the Arcturians" (p.116) – "We strongly urge you to understand that thoughts which flitter through your mind's "privacy" transmit energy patterns from your brain into the planetary ethers. That which is within your mind is not contained like jelly in a jar sealed tightly. Thought is not something that is stopped by the hard bony shell that covers your brain! Thought is like projected images and sounds that beam via radio and television waves." You see, we are so connected in many ways. My head is out of the sand, so when I look around I see the positive. How about you? That was my soapbox speech. In this month's Antics, I talk about the phenomenal Vision Workshop in Austin and the dowsing classes in May. Look at your crystal ball and see what is in store for you. Hope this stimulates the brain cells. Have a fabulous month!!

With love,


P.S. "Anna's Antics" is my way of communicating what's going on with me personally, professionally, spiritually (and politically). I welcome your feedback or response, it's great to hear from you too. And I like to include links to spur your further interest. I mean, if I hadn't clicked on Meir's link below, I would not know that he will be in London the end of May. And for my readers in London, that might be vitally important! Besides England and the U.S., this newsletter goes to Canada and France. And who knows where else it is forwarded!! So feel free to forward to your friends.


Vision Therapy Practitioner!

I have given myself a new title! At the end of April I attended an awesome workshop in Austin with Melissa Moody and her daughter, Jennifer Seagle. Not only does Melissa have a wonderful life and radiate positivity, she is an inspiration. Additionally, she is organized!!! And that merits bonus points in my book. You can read more about Melissa at her website Transcending Trauma.

My relationship with Melissa started after I started reading a book by Meir Schneider, who founded the School for Self-Healing in San Francisco. Read about his journey out of blindness here or briefly here. Enter the world of possibility!

I am planning to share what I learned on May 19th (see note below). If you are interested in improving or maintaining your vision and your health, come learn a few tips, minimize computer stress. Melissa will be offering this workshop in Austin in the Fall. She will also be offering Vision Camps for Kids this summer. I will forward information later. See my blog for photos and information from the Austin workshop.

Are You Empathetic!

Have you ever been told that you are empathic? Do you take on others' ailments or feelings? Being an empath is more than merely being "sensitive." Here are some places to avoid.

A few years ago I took the Energy Hygiene class with Mark Youngblood of ISEE. Now there is a $20 DVD available and information on the above links. My point is to stress how important it is to clean your energy field, whether an empath or not. Visualization is a great tool, whether the aura-wash technique, the Reiki shower or something else – smudging, for example. If you are a wellness or healthcare practitioner, then consider incorporating these techniques into your practice. Keeping your energy field clear has to be a priority!


Starbuck is currently at the Landmark Magnolia theatre. Very entertaining with English subtitles. I would see it again, so let me know

In The Future

Thank you to the friends who showed up April 14th to color mandalas. I now have a great selection to laminate, copy and distribute at the workshop for nursing home residents. No date planned yet, but ideas still coming especially for those in wheelchairs or disabled. Will keep you posted.

The Dallas Psychic Fair happens the first Sunday of the month, May 5th. I offer mini-energy balancing sessions using hands-on modalities or tuning forks. Great opportunity to visit me and get a great reading from the many mediums or psychics. After this Fair, readings go up from $15 to $20. (Aren't you glad I mentioned that?) To see what holistic fair I will be working or details on Reiki events, you can check out my website calendar.

International Dowsing Day is May 5th. To celebrate, hone your dowsing skills with me! My "Introduction to Pendulum Dowsing" workshop will be presented again on May 11th (2-4:30 pm). This covers everything you wanted to know about dowsing and a few updates. Cost is now $50.00. If you have participated in one of my previous dowsing workshops, this one is FREE for you. On June 23rd I will repeat the "Dowsing and Healing" workshop. If you participated in this workshop last September, then bring your notebook and we will work on some other techniques. Review cost is $20. For others, cost is $135.00 which includes over 25 different techniques, bibliography and resource list. Contact me if interested, and I will send you more information.

Sunday, May 19th, I will be sharing ideas from the Natural Vision Improvement workshop – the books (of course!!) that I purchased, as well as the toys and games. Will start at 3:00 pm and ask that you stay for an hour so we can practice techniques. Just asking a couple of dollars for the cost of copying the handouts. Just show up. You will be amazed! (You can ask me how my role as a Vision Therapy Practitioner is going!! And have you seen the collection of books I have on eyes? The library keeps expanding.) In Melissa's words, we are vision pioneers. She encourages us to share and I want you to do the same.

Will I see you in May? Just asking. Dowsing workshop, sharing vision techniques, the psychic fair, private appointments, so many choices. Hoping our paths cross soon!

With love and hugs,


Healer, Teacher and Lightworker

P.O. Box 29013, Dallas, TX 75229


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