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Dear Friend, 

If all the days that come to pass
Are behind these walls
I’ll be left at the end of things
In a world kept small 

Travel far from what I know
I’ll be swept away
I need to know
I can be lost and not afraid 

We’re gonna trip the light
We’re gonna break the night
And we’ll see with new eyes
When we trip the light 

What powerful words we see when watching “Trip The Light.” See notes below, these are just some of the words. Compared to anything I might say in this newsletter, other words seem pale. But not to worry, tons of stuff has been happening in my world. Please note that if you speak French (moi??) or Spanish or Farsi, you can now enjoy my website in your own language. And if you want another language, let me know.  

Dallas has simply been gorgeous this past month, the temperature cooled down, and Fall is showing its beautiful colors. Lots of activities listed in the November calendar. Thank goodness I voted early, last early voting day is Saturday, November 2nd. The world is watching our election! I usually keep my political opinions to myself, but having divulged how disgusted I was last month, all my friends are showing their political colors. I am just proud that I can vote!  

November 4th we fall back clockwise, maybe start thinking about the upcoming holiday season. Mark your calendars for November 18th I am planning an open house. If you are reading Anna’s Antics, you are invited. 

Also please note that the November Dallas Psychic Fair is on November 11th, a change from the usual first Sunday of the month. Besides the mini-energy balancing sessions with tuning forks, I am giving away a book by Ruth White called “”Working With Your Chakras.” Some lucky person that day will go home with a great book. Just for the record, I have        another copy in my library.  

To accompany your Antics reading, I am including some relaxing piano music by prolific French artist, Richard Clayderman just go to And thinking of all these French influences, I am halfway through my first semester at Bookhaven College. I am like the child who does not say a word for months, and then speaks in paragraphs and you can’t stop them talking. Right now I am at the quiet stage!  

Need I say that in November, we express the attitude of gratitude more than at any time of the year (at least in the U.S.) and that means Thanksgiving Day is soon here. Let us make “Thank You” the first thing we say in the morning and the last thing we say at night. May you have many things to be thankful for, may you express an attitude of gratitude every day, and may your hearts be filled with love and peace! 

With love, 



Trip The Light 

Thanks to Mary Ellen Dorey www. for having the video called “Where on earth is Matt?” her website. Released in June, 2012, it’s 5 minutes of fun, bound to put you in a great mood. The music composition is called “Trip The Light.” I am in a great mood now! You can also check out, as 44 million other viewers did, the one from 2008. Even the outtakes are cool! (Dallas is in the outtakes!) 

If you get hooked with the words and want to sing along, go to Music by Garry Schyman sung by Alicia Lemke. If you didn’t get enough of that video, here is the same idea but in 2008 (earlier). I knew it! Here is the website you can track where Matt is.  You can even sign up next time he is in your area and donate to some of the organizations who danced into your heart! 

A Gift Idea 

Here’s a tip from the Dirt Doctor in his newsletter about eating ginger. I love ginger, good for the digestion and a bunch of other things, so this is a great idea! For a gift, go to WalMart for the ginger and wrap a ribbon around it for a great gift idea. You can sauté (did you notice the accent, boy that was a learning curve to find out how you do that, now you can’t stop me!)  the ginger with kale (yum!) or put a slice of ginger in hot water for some tea!  


Oh, To Be Glutenfree

And thanks to Mary Ellen again for highlighting a glutenfree bakery at Midway/Trinity Mills in Carrollton. Natural, organic yummy stuff. And they ship! Great website! I’m ready for some glutenfree baguettes! (And if you are thinking of breadcrumbs for that turkey stuffing, here you go!) 

If you follow me on Facebook, you will see that I mentioned Hank’s Dessert Bars and their www.hankdessertbars.comglutenfree products. I tasted the chocolate one at the Four Seasons Market on Campbell last Saturday. They will be there through the holidays 10-3. And yes you can order online. 

 Abundance Tapping 

Last month I mentioned tapping (EFT). This month I propose getting deeper and attracting abundance. Sign up for Dr. Carol Look’s newsletter at www.AttractingAbundance.comand you also get an e-book. There is an article about eyesight, that caught my attention. Plus all the bloglike posts. Here’s a glimpse regarding abundance. 

1. Stop looking for signs of abundance in your outside life 

2. Start looking for feelings of abundance in your inner world 

3. Write your daily appreciation / gratitude list 

4. Spread the energy of abundance by providing service to others 

5. Use tapping to clear any fears or feelings of “not enough…” 

If you want some hands on instruction about how to do tapping, let me know and we can work together. There is so much downloadable information on the net, plus videos on YouTube, but sometimes it helps to have a tapping partner. 

November/December Calendar  

Put on your walking shoes and check out the gorgeous photos of the decorated Dallas Arboretum with its Pumpkin village and fabulous Chihuly display which has been extended til December 31st.  Also look for discounts for admission and parking at the website be sure to check out all the website menu tabs including the one for Small Houses for Great Artists particular interest to French students who admire Picasso or Monet.  Don’t forget to peek inside the houses! No wonder Garland Road is bottlenecked so often! People are visiting multiple times.  

The best kept secret in Addison is the Visit Addison and office at Beltline and Montfort. On November 1st through 4th, you can view the displays of The Craft Guild of Dallas. For more information, please visit www.craftguildofdallas.comto view their current scheduling of classes, workshops, and events. (Actually they have some displays during regular business hours, would not be the first time I stopped by to grab a local brochure or two or the trendy Addison magazine).

I am looking forward to the November 3rd event at the Persian Cultural Center in Richardson   – an evening to commemorate Rumi, the great poet and mystic. The air will be filled with music and song and dance. Fabulous! 

It has been a while since Mercury was retrograde, but here is the scoop. Retrograde November 6th (ooooh) and going direct November 26th. Currently we are in the shadow period (maybe you thought it was retrograde already). Considering the planetary aspects, this retrograde is for dot connecting and thinking in an interdisciplinary way. There may be elements that call out for integration, from a more global, expansive approach. Read more at


This month, the Dallas Psychic Fair will be held the second Sunday of the month (November 11th) Please sign up at my table for mini-energy balancing sessions including tuning forks. I have $2.00 discount cards or you can go to their website. I lookforward to seeing you! 

Wednesday, November 14th, 7-9 pm, the North Dallas Reiki share group will be at Ezy’s home. Open to all Reiki practitioners, so call or email for directions please. As usual we will honor distance requests. If you are a Reiki practitioner and would like to share Reiki, consider this a night to put on your calendar!  

There are two Reiki Fellowships in Dallas, the second and third Saturdays of the month. For information, go to Donations accepted. Not only is this a great way to share Reiki if you are a practitioner, but if you desire to receive Reiki, it is a great experience. We can all use more relaxation in our lives!  

If you are thinking of places to go for global gatherings in December, check out Panache Desai  in Orlando December 7-10th

On December 8th, the DFW IONS group presenting Dr. Sam Osmanagic in the Sanctuary of The Center for Spiritual Living The topic will be the Bosnian Pyramids all I can say is that this talk is worth hearing. $20 per person or $30 for 2.  I am ready to volunteer! What a phenom! The story is amazing! 

On 12-12-12, there will be a special program titled “Unity Meditation, Activations and Celebration - The Dawn of a New Age” 7-9:30 pm at the Interfaith Peace Chapel. For information and to register, go to Cost is $40.00. Many great presenters! 

Wrapping It Up! 

I have saved the best for last. On Sunday, November 18th (as mentioned above) I will host an open house at my place in North Dallas from noon til 4:00 pm. The last bash I had there was leftover wine and cheese for months. This time I will provide a few snacks and beverages as well as information on the services that I offer (yes, this will be a business event!!!!!!!). Please let me know if you are coming before November 16th so I am prepared, then just drop in that afternoon.   

After participating in a Reiki Retreat recently, I am now fired up to have my own retreat in the Spring. Sharing ideas will happen at the next Reiki share, so stay tuned. 

So how is business, people ask me. Appointments trickle in, ideas float in and out, and I am staying focussed on my passion. When not doing that I am watching “Dancing With The Stars”, cracking open the French books and messing around in Facebook. And I am a whole lot less stressed. I feel I made the right decision in leaving the corporate world tofollow my dream. Sometimes I forget that I am being guided, that I am blessed, but I am grateful and appreciative for this time of growth and learning. My healing space is dedicated to be of service, I carry my appointment book with me most of the time. If a session with massage, Reiki or tuning forks is what will help you at this time, do give me a call. It’s amazing what shifts can take place. I look forward to working with you! 

Well, that wraps it up for the November edition of “Anna’s Antics.” If I have forgotten to include something, it will be placed in the next newsletter (or not). If you do not pray on a daily basis, please practice the highest ideals for yourself and humankind. We cannot imagine the trials and challenges that people are experiencing now, so anything we can do is for the better of all. Uplift your spirit! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a wonderful month! 

With love,  


Healer, Teacher and Lightworker 

P.O. Box 29013, Dallas, TX 75229 


PS If you wish to be removed from my mailing list, please let me know. Also follow me on Facebook or my blog. 


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