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Dear Friends, 

Old Man Winter is visiting North Texas this weekend, so I thought it would be a good time to send out the latest Antics, then do another in December. Actually I am getting ready for the Fair next Sunday, planning the Open House for December 15th, revamping business brochures, and cooking up lots of ideas for de-stressing, looking at Reiki classes in January, lots of reading, so the bookworms will be busy at my home.  

November was a great month as I enjoyed “Carmen” at the Dallas Opera sitting up in the gods, followed the next week by the Dallas screening of the movie “Finding Happiness” where I was sitting 20 feet from the screen. This movie is the story of the Ananda community founded by Swami Kriyananda (who passed on 6 months ago at age 86). An inspiring community! You couldn’t help but be moved by the photography and community purpose. Locally, you can participate in community events, just go to , learn how to meditate, do yoga or participate in their services. In 2014 the movie will be screened at Unity Church (I did not see it on their calendar yet. And WOW someone has spent some time updating their website, take a look!) and the Center for Spiritual Living . (Guess everyone is updating their websites!! Lots of information on this site.) If I see when the movie is playing, I will let you know. 

Please be sure to read everything in this newsletter, many tips and ideas. Pay attention for free offerings. Here goes! 

Support Local Businesses! 

My business, of course!!!!! Gift cards or certificates are available at any time for any amount and can be customized. Go to my blog to see a photo of the holiday version . Beat the blues, let go of stress and breeze through the holiday season! 

George Goodenow is the owner of Xeonix Divination where you can purchase beautifully designed and made pendulums and divination tools. (If you want to surprise me with a holiday gift, this is the place!). 

My BIG annual tip about Half Price Books is to buy a $25.00 gift card and receive $5 coupon (offer good through 12/24/13), additionally buy $5.00 of merchandise at the same time, bringing your total to $30.00 (or more) and receive a 2014 calendar with coupons. When you spend the gift card and more, you qualify for another calendar with coupons. Great, huh? You can use the $5 coupon after January 1st. No problem!!!! Now you have coupons any time you shop at Half Price next year. 

Genghis Grill / has jumped on this bandwagon and when you buy a $25 gift card, you get $5 coupon (valid only in January) for your next purchase. This offer is valid through 12/13/13. 

Must Be In The Air

For several months I have been emphasizing the need for grounding and protection, especially when doing energy work. In the current issue of “Massage & Bodywork” magazine, you can read an article on Energy Release and The Art of Self-Protection, p. 90, which includes establishing a protective egg around you before a session. There are some other great ideas, worth checking out. Needless to say I will refer this article to my future Reiki students. 

There is another article on p.110 from Cyndi Dale called “Chakra Shortcuts to Stress Relief” which would particularly appeal to energyworkers. She includes information on the five chakras beyond the traditional Hindu seven. Cyndi’s books have to be on your bookshelf! 

Angel Card Readings 

Did you notice last month that I am giving Angel Card readings? December is practice month, come get a free reading. Maybe you have checked out prolific and pioneering Doreen Virtue’s website or her weekly oracle card readings (worth viewing to see how you can use various decks). There are quite a few free readings available online, but here is another one that I like from Mary Jac Burroughs in Portsmouth, England, who has been doing readings since 2003 This is a huge site, so if angels or cards are one of your interests, take time to explore further. 

Last month I also mentioned card decks. The one I am using for readings is “Healing With The Angels Oracle Cards” available from Hay House for $5.00 right now. 

FREE Drawing! 

On December 1st (at the Dallas Psychic Fair) I will be giving away a new boxed set of the “Angel Blessings” cards . (original value $19.99) by Kimberly Marooney. The 44 cards come with a booklet containing a wealth of information about angels, as well as how to use the cards. Add these cards to your collection or start a library about angels. Need not be present to win, just let me know if interested. 


Love Your Body! 

Also timely for the indulgent holidays when we tend to relax our eating and drinking boundaries, (That’s what New Year’s resolutions are for, right? Lose the weight you gained in December!) here is a clip from Ellen (Love Ellen!!) with a model guest, Robyn Lawley where they talk about thigh gap and the fashion industry. What a great role model Robyn is. And who knew a thigh gap was important? Just tells me how far I am away from a size 2! 

Reiki On! 

Expand your knowledge about Reiki, read from Pamela Miles’ website an article about Reiki and money . HyakutenInamoto is a Japanese Buddhist monk from Kyoto, Japan who studied Reiki with Chiyoko Yamaguchi, a student of Chujiro Hayashi. Hyakuten is fluent in English, and is noted for his kind, gentle manner and joyous sense of humor. Internationally known as an authority on Reiki, Hyakuten has been an invaluable consultant and translator to many authors include “Reiki: A Comprehensive Guide” by Pamela Miles and “The Reiki Sourcebook” by Bronwen and Frans Stiene. Hyakuten’s schedule includes 

Reiki Book Revision! 

Having just compiled a list of favorite Reiki books, I just discovered (isn’t that always the case?) that “The Everything Reiki Book” by Phylameana lila D├ęsy (2004) was published in 2012 as “The Everything Guide to Reiki.” It’s the same size and format with a few tweaks. So, when shopping, get the latest edition. And if you do not find it on the shelf at Half Price Books , ask them to look in the computer, they will ship from another store for free (unless you are in a desperate hurry and want mailed to your address for a fee). 

“Nothing” on TV?  

Scan the list of documentaries on this website (I think it was this website) and you are bound to come up with something of interest. (Don’t write off this website, there are hundreds of choices, not all about global activism, some very short films.) For instance “Remains of A River” distributed in October is about a trek along or on the Colorado river, from beginning to end (45 minutes). Why not create a list of items to do when it seems there is “nothing” on TV? (Oh, you already have one!) 


Focus on Dallas! 

In November (and prior) we, in Dallas, were entertained, bored, reminisced, talked about the non-election, the 50th JFK celebration (What’s to celebrate? Okay, Jim, I get it now!) and now we have a movie, “Dallas Buyers Club” reviewed (chewed up by the critics) here (how Americans are dealing with the AIDS epidemic) and a review from across the pond that is rated low, but high in star power (who doesn’t like Matthew McConaughey or Jennifer Garner?) Based on a true story, have got to see this movie! So, Dallas, the focus is back on this city! 

December Calendar! 

Kicking off the month, I will be at the Dallas Psychic Fair / on Sunday, December 1st, 11:30 – 6:00 pm, facilitating energy balancing sessions at the Doubletree Hotel (635/Midway). Start the month off feeling great! See next Antics for more events. 

Wrap Up! 

Saving the best for last! One of the books I am reading is David K. Miller’s Arcturians: How to Heal, Ascend, and Help Planet Earth” . One concept I keep coming back to is – Acceptance and Expansion rather than fight or flight. I will include a quote next time. Meanwhile, I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and abundant blessings! 

With love and hugs, 



Healer, Teacher, Lightworker 

P.O. Box 29013, Dallas, TX 75229  


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