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Dear Friend, 

What is hot this month? Hot stone therapy, that’s what. If you would like to experience hot stones with your massage, just let me know. What else? Well, I just started a blog! Just go to you will see my latest sharings. There will be no duplications of what is in “Anna’s Antics” so it will be fresh and different, plus you can add comments.  I get to learn how to blog, you get to see what I am doing throughout the month. (Scroll to the bottom first.) In September I was photographed by professional photographer and creative talent, Bonnie Bleu, . Soooo happy with the photos! (Yet to be placed on the website, etc.) Two weeks ago I facilitated the Dowsing & Healing workshop with over 25 different techniques using the pendulum. After putting page numbers on the sheets and doing a few tweaks, I will be ready to present this package again. Where the time has gone in the last two weeks, I don’t know, but stay tuned for more dowsing events. The trick to this time business is to make a schedule and follow it. Perhaps there are ideas in Anna’s Antics you can follow. Don’t let time get away from you!  Happy reading! 

With love, 



Healing the World! 


“To heal the world one song at a time” - That is the mission of Brianna Kahane,   a musically gifted violinist aged 10 years old,  now studying at the Juilliard School.  In Brianna's own words, "I love to play the violin because music touches the soul and can make the world a better place." You may have seen Brianna on the Oprah or Ellen DeGeneres shows or CBS News. So while you are reading “Anna’s Antics” how about clicking on a link for Brianna playing “The Prayer” when aged seven . Then again you might want to listen, then continue reading. Such an inspirational story when you read her biography. 



The Angels are Watching Over Us All 

Do you believe in angels? In the words of Doreen Virtue, a well known author , she tells us that the angels are watching over us all.  Below are listed some helpful comments, as well as some do’s and don’ts  that may speak to you or your family.  This is like a checklist, I couldn’t have said it better. 

“You were created by God, and everything that God creates is immortal and eternal. Your soul is ancient and has had many experiences . . .and will continue to do so. Even if the physical world ended, YOU would continue to live on and on . . .as would your loved ones.

So, let’s use any anxieties about the world in beneficial ways:

DO put your priorities front-and-center on your daily schedule

DO give yourself permission to pursue your goals and live your dreams now!

DO talk with God a lot, and give God your worries for healing and uplifting

DO focus upon taking excellent care of the environment

DO use positive and loving words

DO surround yourself with gentle, positive people

DO open your heart to as much love as possible. At the end of your life, what will matter most is your answer to this question: “How much did I love?”

DON’T procrastinate living your dreams

DON’T wait until you have more money, time, or ideas to begin working on your priorities

DON’T listen to negativity from yourself or others” 

The above words come from .  


Donation Spot! 

Over the summer, I finally donated some of the boxes of beads I had been meaning to unload to the downtown charity called The Stewpot The Stewpot offers a safe haven for homeless and at-risk individuals, providing resources for basic survival needs as well as opportunities to start a new life. Cynthia Brannum, the Art Program Director, tells me they can never have enough acrylic artists tube paint (like Liquitex Basics, but anything is great), stretched canvas, brushes, drawing and sketch pads. So if you have any of these supplies stuck in your attic, you now have a place where they can be used well. Some of the artists’ work can be viewed at The Stewpot is affiliated with the downtown First Presbyterian Church .  


What Will Happen Next in the US? 

Election Day is five weeks away. I do not wish to use my vote as an anti-candidate vote, yet the choices are horrible. I guess I am still researching. I was going to see the movie 2016, the controversial movie about Obama That didn’t happen. So I delved into the book “Culture of Corruption” about Obama and his team of tax chests, crooks and cronies by Michelle Malkin It’s interesting to see the story after the events. I read about a third of the way through and gave up. That Washington is so corrupt can be said for many, many years. If you go to Malkin’s blog, you can find current dirt.  

Months ago I looked at the website for Green Party hopeful Dr. Jill Stein while not in the national debate, I go for the green aspects. Believe it or not, I also like Jesse Ventura he is not potentially running until 2016.  

For a list of presidential candidates (including Obama and Romney), go to: If BO and MR were not running, would we consider Ron Paul And I like some of his ideas.  

If we have a shake-up before the election, like all the above named are lifted off the planet by space aliens, we might have to vote for a socialist like Stewart Alexander! Who? Well, like many others, I have gone beyond the disgusted stage, with the incumbent and the major challenger surrounded by lies and corruption.  

It’s time to ship all the old guard out, and elect a new bunch!!!  


Tapping Away 

Are you using EFT? It’s a tapping technique. In researching for my Dowsing and Healing workshop, I stumbled (you know how that goes) across a website with Dr. Debra Green in Maui. You can see her go through her home locating dirty electricity. Take a few minutes to look at the videos. She also demonstrates EFT, one of the best videos I have seen, plus I like her energy. 

There is a lot out there regarding the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and many tutorials are offered. Going to the source, you might find this site informational Or you can visit Patricia Dancing Elk in Waxahachie an energy session or workshop. Patricia trains trainers in a variety of methods. Tapping works. You might want to incorporate it into your daily practice. 

More on 2012 

Do you understand the Mayan prophecies?It’s more complicated than you might think. I started reading a book in the middle (yes, I usually start at the beginning) about the Mayan Prophecies and it is making sense. Next month I will list events around the world which will herald the new energies around December 21st

Further down I mention pyramids, but here is a website about creating a huge Pyramid for Light in the Phillippines where they are planning energy awakenings for 2012, go to blog to see the latest. Fascinating that they dowsed for high energy chakra points, etc. Also is a piece on how you can access healing energies via a double terminated crystal. 

Healing Energies 

What is it with places that have healing energies? As we approach 12-12-12, some of these sacred sites will reach prominence. I will chat later about some of these. For starters you may want to learn more about Newgrange in Ireland where it is featured in the following Bridges magazine from the International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies & Energy Medicine (ISSSEEM). There are some other articles about energy, reality, disclosure, etc. If energy is your thing, you probably know about this organization.  

In fact, there are articles that tie in with the some of the points in this newsletter. 



October Calendar  

The whole month of October is filled with events in Tyler when the Rose Season is celebrated . When I say many events, there are many listed in this brochure, many events free such as the rose garden tour October 18th and 19th

Have you heard about the pyramids in Bosnia? Larger and older than the Pyramids of Giza. On October 6th, Dr. Sam will be giving a lecture at the Cathedral of Light in Carrollton. I’ll let you know next month if my statement is incorrect, but this is a great opportunity. It’s only $20.00. Time for me to broaden my horizons!,_October_06/  

Closer to home on October 6th and 7th, it’s time for the Cottonwood Art Festival Just know the parking outside Kroger or Whole Foods or Silver Pyramid will be a nighmare those days. 

The first Sunday of the month (October 7th) will see me at the Dallas Psychic Fair www.dallaspsychicfair.comdoing mini-energy balancing sessions.  Located LBJ/Midway at the Doubletree Hotel. Sign up at my table please. Also check out their blog and see who is blogging about what .I have $2 discount cards for the Fair, so let me know if you want some cards. I look forward to seeing you! 

Wednesday, October 10th, 7-9 pm, the North Dallas Reiki share group will be at Ezy’s home 12th (second Wednesday of the month) at my home (Tollway/Keller Springs). Open to all Reiki practitioners, call or email for directions please. As usual we will honor distance requests. If you are a Reiki practitioner and would like to share Reiki, consider this a night to put on your calendar!  

The Wellness Expo will be held October 13th and 14th at the Addison Conference Center . It has been ages since I visited the Expo, and I think I will check in this time. Suggest you look at the schedule of speakers to see if you want to trek to Addison. Remember there are door prizes too! 

If the Expo is not your cup of tea, how about Santa Fe Days in downtown Carrollton on October 13th and 14th  for a Native American cultural event. This event is free and family-friendly. Suggest you bring a little cash for those surprise gifts to yourself! 

The Dowsing World Summit is underway, so if you have the slightest interest in dowsing, register for the free presentations Names of speakers you might recognize include Joey Korn, John Living, Jean Slatter and Sandee Mac. Learn from the experts! This is an opportunity not to be missed!  

Last month I mentioned “The Moment” an event on October 20th where over eight thousand people will link hands over 7 miles around Sacred Mountain in Hot Springs.   Participants include local church groups and Native American people.  

The organization for this event looks impressive. I don’t see myself going, but I know there will be folks from all over participating. 

Wrapping It Up! 

So will I see you at the Dallas Psychic Fair on October 7th? Or maybe you will want a hot stone massage? Or are you ready to be less serious? Don’t watch the nightly news, join the laugh party with Swami Beyonanda (aka Steve Bhaerman) The Swami continues his lecture tours, don’t think he is making a presidential run though. That would certainly change politics in this country!  

Well, that wraps it up for the October edition of “Anna’s Antics.” I was going to make it a short newsletter this time, but here we are at six pages. Embrace the coming changes this next month. Be strong and positive. Redo your wardrobe and closets, change with the season. Have a fabulous month! 

With love,  


Healer, Teacher and Lightworker 

P.O. Box 29013, Dallas, TX 75229 


PS If you wish to be removed from my mailing list, please let me know. Also follow me on Facebook or my blog. 



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