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Dear Friends,

Here we go with October’s news and views! I hope you enjoy these monthly jaunts into my world and find the interactive links and detours helpful. For October’s events, please go to last month’s newsletter. No point duplicating.

Last month I mentioned that I would be taking some time off. I was able to reconnect with family in England and France, speak a little French, eat a lot of fantastic food, and visit some amazing places including Chartres Cathedral. Many times I was saturated in history, beauty and enchantment, ranging from a glimpse of the Mona Lisa to the unbelievable silence in the Normandy countryside. Will be sharing more about this another time.

Mercury goes retrograde October 21st and you know what that means. Take care in your communicating skills, dot your I’s and double-check everything. I have written about this before and suggested good astrologers. Here’s another one. Joni Patry’s reports http://www. are worth checking out, you can sign up for monthly newsletter or ask her to speak, etc. She is located here in Dallas and can be seen on YouTube KRSchannel?feature=mhee . Speaking of
YouTube, did you check out my second video (Sufi dancing) last month v=994dQukF3O0& .Seem to be getting the hang of this! One of these days you will see me on YouTube!!!!

On a global level, a lot was happening last month, and energies continue to bubble as we all attempt to stabilize and balance our world. However, we move on. Suzanne Ward’s last Message from Matthew (You do subscribe to this, don’t you? Go to  ) included thefollowing inspiring words:Visualizing Earth within golden-white light and focusing your thoughts and feelings on that purity is prayer—you know the power of prayer! Actions such as signing petitions, donating to organizations working toward the ends you want, or actively participating in those efforts supports your intention to help create the world of your vision.” Please continue to pray for peace.


“Mistakes” happen! Well, not really mistakes. For example, a few weeks ago I watched a French movie called Samsara (2001) set in the Himalayas  v=FamVHvBOrts. Thank goodness there was not much French! Anyway, it was easy to follow and the scenery was breathtaking. It’s about a Buddhist monk who gets sidetracked (adult theme) in his quest to find enlightenment.

And while updating my favorite movies on Facebook, I “accidentally” added a second Samsara by mistake, a Ron Fricke documentary created in 2011. Wikipedia’s description “Samsara explores the wonders of our world from the mundane to the miraculous, looking into the unfathomable reaches of man’s spirituality and the human experience. Neither a traditional documentary nor a travelogue, Samsara takes the form of a nonverbal, guided meditation.” Well, they had me at the mandala painting!

This movie feature=player_embedded&v=BVKCJEYLRA8 is an hour and a half so I ended up watching in segments. All because I could not figure how to delete my “mistake” and I couldn’t have been happier. You may want to look at the filming locations Samsara_%282011_film%29 before you watch the film. Absolutely spectacular!

October Happenings!

October 6th I will be at the Dallas Psychic Fair  facilitating energy balancing sessions with my tuning forks and healing hands. Do stop by my table and visit.

I am slowly integrating back into my Dallas lifestyle (Why is DWTS dancing-with-the-stars/SH559050only on Mondays?), adjusting to the time change (good excuse to get up late), planning to lose a few pounds (French food is fabulous!) and working out plans for October (it’s time to present or attend a workshop or two), hence a shorter Antics this month. I am available for private appointments at my North Dallas location, just call me to schedule a convenient time.

Have a fabulous month!

With love and hugs,




Healer, Teacher, Lightworker

P.O. Box 29013, Dallas, TX 75229


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