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Dear Friend, 

September is barreling down upon us! This month is about food, French, festivals and flair! Be sure to check out the events. I will be at the Dallas Psychic Fair on Sunday, September 2nd. Plus I have a Dowsing and Healing workshop coming up. Yes, lots to plan for! But there is more. I want to fill up my calendar with appointments, so think about a relaxing massage for you and your partner or an energy balancing to melt away the stress. Otherwise I will be filling up space on Facebook and that can be addictive! Not really, my nose will be to the grindstone next month. If you haven’t made your plans for the next month, get busy. It’s time to plan!  

With love, 



It’s All About Me! 

And when it is not about me, it is all about YOU especially when we work together in my healing space. Recent appointments have included massage and Reiki, but did you know that I did ear candling? Also the tuning forks can be used with the massage or with Reiki. Add a few crystals or essential oils, and viola you have a special treat. Also I have gift certificates and coupons and special deals. Call me soon! 


What a wakeup call I discovered when I enrolled in French classes at Brookhaven College Deadline for registration is August 27th so if you miss that date, make a note for next time. They even have classes and activities for the over 50’s which I might check out when time permits. The actual wakeup call was the cost of tuition and the cost of books (I am talking in the hundreds!!). If I had known this when I was in grammar aka high school, maybe I would have paid more attention. Cost is certainly a motivation and I haven’t even cracked open a page. Expect me to be parleying francais soon! 

Four Seasons Market www.FourSeasonsMarkets.comis the brainchild of Vincent Hirth and Florine Bowman, owners of Florine Bowman Pastries and is modeled after successful festivals the couple ran in France some 12 years ago. Saturdays through December 29th, this Farmers Market takes place at NTX Center, 677 West Campbell Road, Richardson 9am-2 pm on Saturdays, close to UT Dallas. Funny how this location is on the way to Half Price Books and one of my favorite walks around Prairie Creek! I can recommend the tomatoes and the friendly vendors. And if they don’t have the veggies you want, then a stop by Sprouts on the way back is called for.  

And if French pastry is on your menu, Florine Bowman is a passionate baker who decided to add her French flair and savoir-faire to great traditional American Pastries Pastries available at North Haven Gardens http://www.nhg.comevery Saturday. Check website for other locations. 

For details on all the local farmer’s markets, go to: or if you subscribe to the Dallas News, try  


I am still reminiscing about the London Olympics and joined 31 million viewers (really, that’s not very many, this figure might be wrong) watching the closing ceremony. John Lennon’s “Imagine” was emotional. Of course, anything British evokes memories. Still remembering Rowan Atkinson at the opening ceremony, one evening I scoped out Mr. Bean I certainly don’t remember watching any of those shows when they were produced, however, now the humor is laugh out loud funny. One evening I checked out Britain’s Got Talent found that Ashleigh and her dog named Pudsey were crowned winners this year. I really meandered and looked at third place winners, a Welsh boys’ choir and that brought tears, plus their inspiring choir leader is reviving the traditional Welsh men’s singing. Worth looking at the choir’s history. Second place opera stars Jonathan and Charlotte were phenomenal. You might think that Britain was going to the dogs, but if you favor dogs, then you know it took a lot of training and talent! 

I don’t know how many countries have their own “Got Talent” shows, but I discovered an Australian 9-year old drummer, and he will be a rock star soon. Oops, he already is!! Jagger made it to the final but was outvoted. When I was in Hot Springs I had the opportunity to “play” on a drum set, remember, no prior experience. I had fun, but no talent! But look at the young drummers today. Am I missing something? Or are the incoming Indigos and Crystal children coming from a rock planet? Here are a few examples, and if you like drumming all the better: China has Talent and 10 year old drummer Austin Rios and 4 year old Aidan plays Wipeout and 3 year old Howard Wong and lastly 2 year old. This “research” led me to the World’s Fastest Drummer (WFD) and introduction to the drumometer that measures the number of drum beats. Welcome to the world of speed drumming! Amazing!

Wake Up Students! 

Here is a stunning statement written in 2005. ”Ten years ago, the average American fourteen-year-old had a vocabulary of 40,000 worlds; today it’s 10,000 and dropping.” From “Beyond the Indigo Children – The New Children and the Coming of the Fifth World” by P.M.H. Atwater, L.H.D. just wonder what the average adult vocabulary is today. (Note to self, put more interesting words in newsletter!) Atwater is recognized as an expert in near death experience, but if you are looking at how we can help children today, you might want to check this book out of my library. Atwater’s next book “Children of the Fifth World: A guide for the coming changes in human consciousness” is due out in the Fall.This information prompted me to do some reading of “Wind in the Willows.” So enjoyable! You can read or download at If you are not acquainted with Toad of Toad Hall, you will enjoy this read, does not take long. And how is this connected, I was researching “Food, Food, Glorious Food” and no, this was not Toady. It’s from “Oliver!” At the very least, I hope our students today are being instilled with a love of reading.

Expanding Horizons 

Last month I mentioned a renewed interest in astrology. But have your considered numerology as a factor in your life planning? Go to http://CindysNumerology.comand you will see that Cindy Herb has created a slew of ideas for you to delve into. For instance, invite Cindy to your next party and she can provide information to you and your guests that will be entertaining and informative. Numerology parties or shows will be all the rage!  


September Calendar and Far Away

See me at the Dallas Psychic Fair www.dallaspsychicfair.comdoing mini-energy balancing sessions on Sunday, September 2nd. Located LBJ/Midway at the Doubletree Hotel. Sign up at my table please. Also check out see who is blogging about what! Last month I had a reading with Linda Lee, a handwriting analyst, graph-ologist and astrologer. Linda says, “Change your life, change your handwriting.” She gave me some tips on working with my “temper” and writing out my I’s and T’s is indeed helpful. Plus it’s fuel for the burning bowl! I have $2 discount cards for the Fair, so let me know if you want some cards. I look forward to seeing you at the Fair! 

Remember that the Gluten and Allergen Free Expo www.gfafexpo.comwill be September 8-9 at Westin Park Central in Dallas (by 635 and 75). Can you imagine gluten-free beer? I am thinking the samples will be worth the visit. 

The North Dallas Reiki share group meets September 12th (second Wednesday of the month) at my home (Tollway/Keller Springs). Open to all Reiki practitioners, 7-9 pm, call or email for directions please. As usual we will honor distance requests. If you are a Reiki practitioner and would like to share Reiki, consider this a night to put on your calendar!  

Sunday, September 16th, 2-5 pm, pendulums will be swinging again. Dowsing and Healing is back! This time the material has been revamped and the emphasis will be on learning some techniques using the pendulum as a healing tool. You have to have some experience with the pendulum and also have a working interest in the healing arts. Cost is $35.00. Please sign up by September 9th. Space is limited. 

If you have the slightest interest in dowsing, register for the free presentations that start September 25th Names of speakers you might recognize include Joey Korn, John Living, Jean Slatter and Sandee Mac. Learn from the experts! This is an opportunity not to be missed!  

Energy Medicine pioneer, Donna Eden, is promoting the International Gathering of Eden Energy Medicine 26-30 September in San Diego, website lists they had over 100 proposals. (You know what that means, over 100 people wanted to make presentations!). Wow, this lady has created a whole lot more than when I first thought about energy medicine over 12 years ago. I haven’t bought my ticket yet, but you may want to know about this event! (I will pass the hat another time!!) 

October 20th, over eight thousand people will link hands over 7 miles and surround the Sacred Mountain in Hot Springs.   Participants include local church groups and Native American people.

Just looking at the list of committees, you can tell this event is organized. (Thank you, Penny, for this information, nice website too!) I love Hot Springs! 

Wrapping It Up!

The refreshing rain this week has been wonderful and the weather forecasters tell us that 100 degree temperatures are over. My feet are happy! Now I can go walking comfortably. The beginning of the school year can be inspirational. Is it time for you to take a class or a deeper interest in a subject but you keep saying “later.” It’s not too late to brush off the rust and get the brain going! Have you planned your Labor Day weekend? While planning, visit some of the local festivals now that cooler weather is on its way. For ideas or suggestions, try or look at the Dallas Observer guide. And if you are tempted to write me in French, don’t do it until next year, my school-girl French is limited, but for starters…. La vie est belle! Bonne journee! 

With love,  


Healer, Teacher and Lightworker 

P.O. Box 29013, Dallas, TX 75229


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