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Dear Friends,

Welcome to Anna’s Antics! It started off on the short side and quickly grew, now about the same size as usual. Oh well! But don’t think I am short on words, that is never the problem. Here is the news for the months past and future!

New last month was the launching of “Anna’s Soap” product line, the first which is a luxurious blend of oils including lavender and clary sage essential oils. Relaxing, nourishing for the skin, and it just smell heavenly! Think holiday gifts and you can shop at one stop, I will be happy to accommodate your orders. Cost is $5.99 plus shipping for a 4 oz. bar. Check out posted photos on facebook and in my blog http://annaparkins.wordpress. com/2013/08/14/luxury-soap/.

On August 24th I visited the Persian Cultural Center  for their monthly Rumi event to hear the story “Moses and the shepherd” which was interpreted in Persian and English. If you like Rumi’s mystical poetry and stories, this is for you. Also I got to see Ezy’s amazing Sufi dancing which I was able to capture on camera  v=994dQukF3O0& If you are interested in understanding and learning the basics, please let me know and we will get a group together and we can all be whirling dervishes!

In case you missed it, here is a video of Dallas captured by a drone  v=OXk4v6Am5mkand it’s awesome. So many places, I could say where “I’ve been there!” Music is cool too! Thanks Dallas Observer! http://blogs.dallasobserver.  com/unfairpark/2013/08/used_a_drone_to_shoot_of_dalla.php Photographer Brian Aiken used a DJI Phantom quadcopter, in case you wanted to know. Now you can get a drone’s eye view! Curious about quadcopters?? I thought so. Thanks, Sara, for this link to a TED talk  i=389_1376559391#wee3Yt2rcB9owgAw.01  which is just amazing!

And for some relaxing (really relaxing) music, here is (8 minutes) Mike Wall’s l v=X-JGOgX0tik A Time for Healing.” Might go well with your reading?

I usually include tips in “Anna’s Antics” and decided to create my own tip sheet which will be available at the Dallas Psychic Fair  in October (first Sunday of the month). Eventually there will be a series of Top Ten Tips, this is just the first. The creative genes are alive and well!

So……..I will be skipping the Dallas Psychic Fair on September 1st (Labor Day weekend) and will be back October 6th. Send me an email if you want a private appointment or want to chat. By the end of the month I will have finished my next article “Reiki – For Better or Worse?” What’s on your plate? I would love to know. Have a fabulous month!

With love,




Having just read “The Obama Nation” Nation-Jerome-R-Corsi/dp/1439189692/ref=sr_1_1?s=booksie=UTF8&qid=1377229667&sr=1-1 keywords=The+Obama+Nation written by Jerome R. Corsi in 2008, I am now getting to the end of “The Audacity of Hope” Audacity-Hope-Thoughts-Reclaiming/dp/0307455874.pennedpenned by Barack Obama in 2006. Both books have very different perspectives! Understanding how we arrived at this point from six years ago - while I have memory of that time - is intriguing as we see politicians already gearing up for the next election (or is that gesturing?). Before you know it, the historians will be taking a swipe at the Obama legacy. (What will we tell our grandchildren?) Indeed, these may be the last non-metaphysical books I read in a while!! Let me know if you want to borrow later. (I am going to have to eat my words. In 2012 Dr. Corsi came out with a book on how the U.S. Government hid the Nazi discovery of Abiotic oil from the American People – I had to look up the word abiotic – Oil-Conspiracy-Government-Discovery/dp/1620871629/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid= 1377230521&sr=1-1#reader_B007VF7ROY. If it is like the book I recently read, then some of it is true!) Not to be biased (??) thanks to $1 books at Half Price, I just had to read (it was a quick read) “The Truth About Hillary” Truth-about-Hillary-Clinton/dp/B003D7JXFU(2005) by Edward Klein. When you start digging there are many books about politicians, I had no idea! Maybe the 2,700 page Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ObanaCare) will be my next reading project!

Just to put this political stuff in real perspective, I just watched the 2006 movie “Man of the Year” tt0483726/starring Robin Williams running for President. Definitely adds some humor to the political mess (I mean, scene!).

Reiki Happenings!

Last month I mentioned that the Reiki share group will take a hiatus. Some folks were disappointed, but if there is no participation, then it makes sense to join another group or reconfigure the way it could be organized. Please let me know your thoughts. Let me add that I am willing to exchange sessions with Reiki practitioners and I always respond to distance requests by sending Reiki or sending an email to Reiki practitioners on my “mailing list” knowing they will also respond.


Reiki Fellowship Dallas  is looking for more Reiki practitioners to participate in their program to accommodate the community’s demand for services. Please consider joining this group if you are a Reiki practitioner, even if you can only come occasionally. Email  if you have questions.

Remembering 911!

In September, the 9/11 disaster will be remembered. People will be (still) asking whether a third building was destroyed. A new movement is/was brewing around the controversy regarding the destruction (read demolition) of Building 7 at the World Trade Center. For the latest go to  which will lead to  where you can see some of the 1,941 architects and engineers speak or  to read/donate toward the billboard campaign coming next anniversary (September 11, 2001). You read about it here first!

September Buys!

Note Labor Day weekend coming up, 20% off storewide sale at Half Price Books.

25% off Tuesdays at Goodwill. Good for books, golf clubs, flower pots, etc.

I’m all about items on sale and was pleased to discover Herb Mart in Plano  index.cfm?fuseaction=browseid=175555&pageid=1  was cheaper than the online Kroeger store for the same item.  index.php/learn/downloads/.

Sprouting up around the Metroplex and geared towards the teen market, we have a new $5 and under store called Five Below  . You may have seen the signs at Prestonwood Town Center for the new store opening. I suggest checking the website for the type of products they sell before opening your wallet. Some items carried by the store include trading cards, sports related items, games, fashion accessories, bath and body related items, candy, beverages, room decorations, school supplies and stationery, books, accessories for electronics, DVDs, computer software, novelty items and gag items, as well as seasonal items. The store carries a plethora of female beauty products, as well.

September/October Events!

The Gluten & Allergen Free Expo is back in Plano October 26-27. See  . You may want to plan ahead for this event!

State Fair of Texas  happens September 27th – October 20th. You can buy tickets online  statefairoftexas/, see the daily http://bigtex.  calendar and even catch the speakers at the Garden Exhibition. Lots to see and do! Enjoy the rides, enjoy the food!

Coming to downtown Carrollton in October is a Biggby coffee shop  . Based in Michigan, might be an alternative to Starbucks! However, walking around the Square might be necessary to walk off some of the goodies you have with the coffee! This might be a cool spot for when you visit Sante Fe Days  the American Indian cultural event October 12-13th. That is the same weekend as the International Gem and Jewelry Show at Market Hall  so you might have to do some planning. Also the same weekend as the Wellness Expo in Addison http://www.holisticnetworker.  com/expo/. And the same weekend as the Reiki Retreat being organized for participating Reiki practitioners  at Dallas Reiki Fellowship.

September is also back to college time, not too late to register for some classes, even art classes. Or just admire art at the Cottonwood Art Festival (October 5 and 6) http://www.  . Classes at the Craft Guild of Dallas  are worth checking out! Maybe music is your thing, so check out what subscriptions are available, lots of venues around the Metroplex. Or have you thought of online classes? You can register at any time via  econnect/Schedule/fall/DCO/index.html . While some classes start in August or September, there are also start dates in October. Never too old to learn, right?

In September I will be taking some time off, but wait til October and I will be bursting with ideas for new workshops and classes. Look for me at the October 6th Fair. Let me know if you are ready for a Reiki workshop or to create mandalas or delve deeper into sacred geometry.

Now get out and about in September! Put on the walking shoes and burn the calories, time for some bird watching. (Why not?) Time to head to the Hill Country? (Great idea!) It’s slightly cooler, time for cooler heads all around. Now is the time to spruce up the yard. Be prepared for things/life to speed up even more, so plan your time wisely. Can you cram 24 hours into 16 or less? It might seem that way, but getting enough rest, drinking adequate water, and eating organic as much as possible will help. Be sure to nourish your body, mind and soul! Have a month to remember!

With love and hugs,




Healer, Teacher, Lightworker

P.O. Box 29013, Dallas, TX 75229


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