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Healing Modalities

Anna offers a unique and gentle approach in her healing work, combining touch, sound, light and vibration. You will feel relaxed and energized after a session, whether you have a specific healing need or you just want to take time for a relaxing interlude.

Anna is both a licensed massage therapist and a Reiki Master, and combines her knowledge with an intuitive sense of energy flow to help ease pain, remove energy blocks, and stimulate feelings of well-being.

Current rates are $60.00 per hour. If your session is longer you will be advised beforehand. Group rates may be negotiated. Gift certificates are available.

Anna is available for day, evening and weekend appointments. Call 972-977-7012, or email Anna at to make an appointment for you or a friend.


Reiki relieves pain, promotes restful sleep, speeds the healing process, stops bleeding, relaxes the receiver, and balances the person's chakras and aura energy.

Sacred Geometry Reiki

Sacred Geometry Reiki, a spiritual development healing system, was channeled by Reiki Master Rebecca Donaldson in 2005. It uses various symbols that can assist in clearing, balancing and repatterning. Visualizing these symbols enhances the healing session.

Crystalline Reiki

Combining the energy of Reiki, crystals and sound (tuning forks), you may experience a wonderful technique called Crystalline Reiki. Activation of a crystal grid is a part of this technique.

Remote Healing

In a Reiki session, the practitioner will use laying on of hands, however, it can also be beamed or directed to the patient or client. Contact Anna for pricing on remote healing.

Swedish Massage

Anna is a licensed Massage Therapist (Texas Lic. #MT106937). Her light to medium touch will remove tension and stress and whisk you away to a serene and peaceful state. Appointments are usually one hour.

Energy Balancing

Energy balancing is a system of realigning and re-attuning the body’s electro-magnetic energy field. Similar to electrical energy that flows through the power lines to your home, the body’s energy flows through pathways in and around the body. When the body’s paths are interrupted, health and wellness can be compromised.

Integrative Touch Therapy

Anna is trained to recognize imbalances or blockages in the human energy field and subtle energy bodies (aura) of the client. A number of techniques may be used to assist you to restoring balance, and determining the state of energy grids is part of the process. At any point during the session techniques may be added or removed depending on intuitive promptings.

Vibrational Healing

Vibrational Healing encompasses sound healing and other modalities including the use of crystals, color, flower remedies and gem essences, etc. Referrals or recommendations may be made which can include alternative or complementary healing tools.

Sound Healing

Being stressed or off-balance could be labeled as being out of tune or out of sorts. Sound healing techniques allow you to experience a deep sense of peacefulness and relaxation. Tuning sessions are designed to bring you back into balance and harmony.

Crystal Healing

Crystal wands or pendulums are used to remove energy imbalances from the body’s finer energy systems.

Ear Candling

From ancient Egyptian times, ear candling is considered a home remedy for clearing out the wax in yours ears. Using a hollow waxed candle that is lit at one end to create a vacuum, impurities from the body are pulled out and released. This procedure is very comfortable and quite relaxing. Ear coning or ear candling has been known to remove toxic matter, alleviate headaches, improve hearing, etc. Candles can be infused with herbs or essential oils. You can be seated in a chair or lie on a massage table.

Ion Cleanse

Gentle cleansing Foot Bath or Hand Bath 20-30 minutes


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