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Anna's Soap

Annas Soap

Enjoy the extravagance and elegant luxury of Anna’s Soap! Custom blended for your relaxation and pleasure, this is the first in the line of Anna’s Soap products. This beautifully fragranced soap contains the richness of lavender and clary sage essential oils, a delightful aroma to please your senses! Specially handcrafted in 4 oz. bars for your ease and enjoyment.

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Reiki-infused Aromatherapy Eye Pillows/Dream Pillows ... $20.00 plus shipping.

reik-infused eye pillow

Soothe your body, mind and spirit. De-stress and allow the sage and lavender filled pillows to help you relax, relieving stress and tension. Take a deep breath and experience the calming effect of the pillow over your eyes bringing calm and peacefulness.

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Clearing Spray Clearing Spray

Clearing Spray Mist ... $10.00 plus shipping.

To clear negativity in your home or office, perfect pocket companion. Contains various gem and flower essences. Two-ounce bottle.

Meditation CD

Try my new CD ...

Meditation Journey CD – now available – only $12.00.

Featuring a guided visualization for 10 minutes, followed by relaxing music for another 25 minutes, this CD is ideal for those who wish to spend a few minutes in a calm and peaceful setting. Ideal for workshops or meetings where you wish to create a 10-35 minutes guided meditation session. This CD does not include religious or spiritual references and is perfect for any group conferences or gatherings.


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