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Thank you so much for serving as a channel for Cosmic healing. The treatment yesterday was a great relaxing experience. Besides the relaxing which I needed badly, there were moments when I was able to connect at a deeper level of consciousness. Felt a tremendous influx of energy surging through my body. During those moments perceived beautiful colors which made me realized of being in another dimension. I am deeply grateful and today I feel a lightness with a sense of well being. My body feels good right now. Many blessings to you.

--- P.M., Dallas, TX

The initial vibration felt on the big toe was a wonderful sensation that quickly traveled up the right side of my body, to the head, and back down again. That really set the stage for things to come and I found myself in “anticipation mode” waiting for you to tune the other side...and though the sensation was not nearly as strong on the left, it was clearly there. As you used the different forks for the different chakras, I moved deeper into my quiet little world, feeling very serene and comforted as I listened & felt the various frequencies. As the session progressed, I simply felt an increasing level of calmness, and that my body, mind, and spirit were becoming more and more “balanced.” I simply can’t think of a better word to express the overall sensation and experience. I was somewhat resistive to “coming back” as the resulting peaceful feelings were just wonderful, so I found myself somewhat reluctant to change anything. But as I shifted back, I felt as though layers of “stuff” gently “fell off” like multiple, thin blankets. A prevailing sense of calmness was experienced for hours afterward...tuning is therapeutic in the nicest way! For those that have never experienced a tuning session, I would encourage you to make an appointment with Anna. Treat yourself with this novel method of learning to be with the various tuning sounds that will assist in the restructuring of the nervous system. Harmonic balance to improve well-being!

--- MJ, Carrollton, TX

I am very grateful for Anna Parkins. She is extremely friendly and respectful. I am treated with dignity when I am with her. Before my tuning session she is fantastic with her directions and expectations, describing what to expect and the things I must do during our interactive tuning. I hold my intention and know and trust she is doing the same (whether or not I have shared them with her). Her environment is very calming. I anticipate another appointment with Anna.

--- Elizabeth Webb, Yoga Instructor, Bedford, Texas

Fabulous Energy Worker! What Power!

--- R. Gaddie, Richardson, Texas

I want to let you know how profound I thought our encounter was… I was given so very much as usual. Since them, my "work" has been very different. That is, I feel much more connected and freer to be myself and use the gifts I have been given more freely. I thank you for being the facilitator for the event. It has taken me a while to process it all. Still processing. I have some new insights into the "menopausal" process I am dealing with as well. There seems to be a process to my growth in doing the will of the Divine. It is becoming clearer to me that there are certain people who are connected to the "process" and who are better equipped to bring to me what I am supposed to have. It is for me to have regular contact with these messengers so that my progress will be more regular and smooth. Thank you for being one of those messengers of the Divine.

--- Pam Jones, Massage Therapist & Energy Worker, Benton, Arkansas

Absolutely awesome!.

--- TD, Lafayette, Louisiana

The most relaxed I have ever felt.

 --- JR, Hot Springs Arkansas

There's no way I thought I could be so relaxed. It was wonderful. Totally relaxed.

---TM, Farmers Branch, Texas

Felt very expanded.

--- EW, Lafayette, Louisiana

Feel so much better.

--- PR, Irving, Texas

I feel like I've been cleaned from the inside out.

--- JS, Irving, Texas

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