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What Is A Lightworker?

Anna Parkins, Reiki Master Teacher

Lightworkers by definition are people working with the higher vibrations of light and love, dedicated to uplifting humanity, often very sensitive and empathic to the needs of those around them. Lightworkers align with their life purpose of bringing light energies to Planet Earth and operate as healers, teachers, wayshowers. In addition to being aware of their purpose, they are also sensitive to the need to take care of themselves physically, mentally and emotionally. By that I mean, keeping yourself clear of lower vibration energies (fears). So good health, balance and exercise are important. Spiritual health is vitally important as lightworkers communicate with the higher realms of angels, nature spirits, etc. With the responsibility of self comes the desire to help others and be of service. So you will see concern for the environment, children’s education, communication with angels, etc.


David Cousins, who wrote “A Handbook for Light Workers” published in 1994, stated in 2001 “ A Light Worker in the proper sense is someone who has balance and a cosmic sense of understanding while in personality form. Ideally they should have access to the mental planes. This then gives them the capacity to always see the bigger picture and not to drown in the smaller one and be overcome by animal instinct. Light is information; therefore a Light Worker has to have the capacity to receive and to transmit in co-operation with the plan. Therefore a Light Worker should, as a personality, be able to endure and understand, utilizing natural law to afford balance. A Light Worker will not be bothered with the outer opinion of humanity, since a Light Worker is focused internally and can therefore balance both the inner and outer world. So when you look for a Light Worker, they should radiate calm, understanding and have a capacity to co-operate with all life forms and be working with intuitive instinct as opposed to animal instinct.” 


Doreen Virtue has written extensively about lightworkers, defining them as those who have global missions which involve helping people, animals, the environment, or a cause other than themselves. 

Put another way, “A Lightworker is a spiritually inspired person who has incarnated to Earth to bring spiritual awakening to Humanity. Through their special skills they are able to inspire others to seek out their own psychic abilities and follow a spiritual path. A lightworker is aligned with the divine will, cultivates universal love, and holds a higher light quotient.” Words written by one of the spiritually gifted and psychic beings called Indigos, those children incarnating since the mid-60’s who have indigo auras. 


It was in the late 90s that I attended a Lightworker’s Conference in Dallas and I think that was the first time I came across lightworkers. Since then the term lightworker has mushroomed with lightworker gatherings, lightworker websites, books, articles, etc. Just recently I defined a lightworker as someone who works with light, a little blasé perhaps, but in my opinion, true. 


Considering the turmoil we see around us today, which innocuously seeps into our consciousness if we let it, it is urgent that we surround ourselves with light and love and be of service to our companion beings on Earth. Rather than take on buzzword status, please align with your life’s purpose and embrace the ideals of a lightworker who can help heal and uplift our wonderful earth home. 

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