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Worrying to Worry-Free!

Anna Parkins, Reiki Master Teacher

In the old days (before hair coloring) worrying brought grey hairs, furrowed brows, worry lines; and in the 1930’s the word “worrywart” entered our vocabulary.  Worry, stress and tension also bring digestive disorders, hair loss, lowered work production, and the list goes on.  In 2013, we have more to worry about:  pollution, radiation, GMO foods, financial loss, job insecurity, etc.


As innocent children, we could care less about what is in our food and water or what the budget is for the Afghanistan war or the destruction of the Amazon forest. We then enter the education system and take on worries from our parents. And then we experience stress of competition and peer pressure, all enhanced by the media. At the same time, we hook into the mass fear that is now prevalent on our planet.  Global politics and negative media infiltration run rampant. Whatever our belief system, we swim in a cesspool of thought forms and are bombarded by swirls of energy that take us from carefree to sick and tired!


There seems to be a distinction between personal worry (it’s just about me!) to concern about today’s circumstances.  There is no reason to worry about our health (what good does it do?) but there is every reason to worry about our future. We can control how we approach stressful situations, but we cannot control or influence the decision-makers.  I know, it depends on the decision. Rather than take on a despondent attitude, it is time to reach an empowered position. Rather than being stressed about a person, place or thing, don’t you think it is time to stop worrying?  What is the magic secret, you say.


Imagine a string that is all tied in knots. This is your mind worrying about the silly, the serious, the uncontrollable, and the unknown. Now imagine a string that is knot-free, pristine and something that is ready to be used. Can you visualize all the knots being untied?  Let me share another picture. See your mind (and body and spirit) covered in slime, muck and grease. Now see your mind (and body and spirit) free of grime, rust and mud so that it looks like sparkling clean and bright pipes or conduits that function optimally. It might take more than a flash to see this actually happening. In fact, you can visualize your mind like a ball in front of you, then take a water hose and clean off the dirt. Sometimes making it simple is easier to accomplish, but you get the idea. Every day we are subject to being “sludged” and every day we have the opportunity to clean up our “act.”


Another secret to solving this dilemma is to learn how to relax. If our mind, body and spirit can find inner (and outer) peace, then we have this problem licked.  So, what brings you to total relaxation?  A scented bath, a great massage, looking at the stars, meditating?  Whatever it is, it is vital to find your peaceful place away from the stress and strain. However, you don’t have to take on the worry again. After a peaceful interlude, even sleeping or taking a nap, remember that you have “let go.”  In the “letting go” you have actually found your real self. In this way, you become empowered to live a life that is courageous, strong and fulfilling.


I have proposed that there is reason to worry every second of the day. I am not proposing that we ignore or forget our concerns.  What I am proposing is that we not take on unnecessary worry, that we make a habit of cleaning our energy field, and that we learn how to be worry-free.  Being concerned can actually propel us into action. Worrying can cause us to be overwhelmed.


Become as a free child and enjoy your surroundings, put more fun into your life, daily meditate andclean your energy field, ask for help when you need it, stop the mind that runs like a squirrel.  Take the time you find peace and share with the world. Let’s all be worry-free!!

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